Working Group Minutes/DWG 2018 07 10

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

DWG Meeting on Tuesday 10 July 2018, IRC #osm-dwg, at 19:00 UTC

DWG members present

  • Paul Norman (pnorman)
  • Andy Townsend (SomeoneElse)
  • Toby Murray (ToeBee)
  • Frederik Ramm (woodpeck)
  • Sidorela Uku (sidorelauku - joined later due to prior committments)
  • Nelson A. De Oliveira (naoliv)
  • Vladimir Marshinin (mavl)
  • Peter Barth (peda)


Discussion about who's going, and who's asked to meet us there. Also, an attempt will be made to have another working session about the organised editing policy there. Action item - those attending SOTM to meet face to face and discuss the organised editing policy there.

Ticket handling

"How and when to respond" was discussed. Some tickets sit in the queue for a while - would technical fixes help (more nags from OTRS)? The general feeling was "probably not". (Action item for SomeoneElse to contact some of the newer less active members and see how we can help)

Also discussed was the new "issues" functionality on the OSM website - what happens to different sorts of reports, who sees what comments etc. A common theme was that (except in the case of obvious spammers) in initial first reply was often "please try to talk to XYZ via changeset discussion comments".

Potential website technical changes

Currently "website issues" aren't integrated with either the rest of the ticket handling in OTRS or email, and changeset discussion comment integration with email is one-way only. There are some technical issues with this (see some of the links from here).

There was also discussion about how block messages work - should the user see them every time they try to log in or just once? Also blocked users can still perform some actions on the API (though not editing ones). (Action item for SomeoneElse to test this on the dev server to get a list together). Anyone else to make any other suggestions on github of course (though beware of duplicates).

Activity Reporting

Time constraints unfortunately meant that the Q1 report is still outstanding. (Action item for pnorman to continue with this).

Next meeting

Scheduled for Thursday 13th September at 20:00 UTC.