Working Group Minutes/DWG 2018 05 10

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

DWG Meeting on Thursday 10 May 2018, IRC #osm-dwg, at 20:00 UTC

DWG members present

  • Paul Norman (pnorman)
  • Andy Townsend (SomeoneElse)
  • Toby Murray (ToeBee)
  • Frederik Ramm (woodpeck)
  • Sidorela Uku (sidorelauku)
  • Nelson A. De Oliveira (naoliv)

Communications with sysadmins

There have been occasional misunderstandings where it was unclear to the sysadmins if a request came from the DWG or from a DWG member in a private capacity. Decision to try and send such requests from within OTRS tickets so it is clear that they are "official", and there's also an audit trail. SomeoneElse to amend internal OTRS instructions.


FTA has left the DWG for reasons to do with his day job. We need someone to run his reporting scripts and publish the results for Q1/18. pnorman volunteers.

Various organised editing teams

The past few weeks have seen a flurry of (initially) undisclosed organised editing activity that led to various kinds of quality and communication issues. One group has meanwhile declared to be working for a taxi company in Indonesia. One group has declared to be working for a large commercial OSM map provider (a fact that was unknown to the DWG's contacts in that company). At least two other groups are still unaccounted for at the time of the meeting. Some detective work is often required to make the right guesses in clustering these users and watching their activity. Decision to use the DWG wiki to help track those groups that do not communicate or document their affiliation.

Organised editing policy

Progress is slow due to past hostility on the part of a few individuals; it is hard for volunteers to muster the energy to work on a document when they have to fear nothing but baseless accusations when results are presented. SomeoneElse to provide feedback on latest draft by Stereo, followed by a shared authoring session with Mumble/Etherpad between Stereo, pnorman, woodpeck, and other interested members.

Next meeting

Scheduled for Tuesday 10th July at 20:00 BST.