Working Group Minutes/DWG 2018 03 13

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

DWG Meeting on Thursday 13 March 2018, IRC #osm-dwg, at 20:00 UTC

DWG members present

  • Ethan Nelson (FTA)
  • Vladimir Marshinin (mavl)
  • Peter Barth (peda)
  • Paul Norman (pnorman)
  • Andy Townsend (SomeoneElse)
  • Toby Murray (ToeBee)
  • Frederik Ramm (woodpeck)
  • Sidorela Uku (sidorelauku)
  • Nelson A. De Oliveira (naoliv)

General "how to deal with X" discussions

Most of the issues that get referred to the DWG are to do with people rather than data. We discussed at length how best to deal with certain sorts of problems - reports of rudeness in private messages, people complaining about poor changeset comments, OSM notes that aren't helpful to other mappers, etc.

It was noted that there is ongoing development of website changes to allow reporting of abusive users to moderators or admins. Much of the rest of the discussion was just ensuring that as a team we're doing similar things in similar situations. With regard to OSM notes some current issues (at least one of which seems to be resolved) were mentions, and there's also been discussion about this in Github.

GPS Traces

We discussed under what circumstances it might make sense to remove GPS traces (DMCA request, for e.g.) and what other actions might be needed.

DMCA (and general takedown) procedure

There's discussion within the LWG (see these LWG minutes and links from there) about proposed changes to the DMCA procedure. Currently moderation requests come to the DWG only, with requests via the DMCA form (which is linked from the "Takedown procedure" page on the OSM website) going to both the DWG and the LWG. The technical removal work may require the moderator flag (i.e. only moderators or admins can actually deal with it). It was noted that majority of "DMCA requests" that we receive aren't for the USA where the DMCA applies (actually, the vast majority of mails that that address receives are spam). Discussion is ongoing.

Directed Editing Policy

The process of compiling all of the feedback received for the many sources that have contributed is still ongoing.


An IRC log of this meeting has been kept for DWG internal use.