StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2018/2018-05-27 Meeting

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Time: 2018-05-27 20:00 UTC

Participants: Alessandro, Francesco, Christine, Michael

Minutes: Michael

Location: HOT Mumble server

Sticker with logo (116)

  • We buy rectangular stickers (maybe round corners) -> Alessandro

Official photographer (114)

  • We will have a professional from the Wikimedia Italy community for Saturday and rely on volunteers/participants for the remaining two days.

Maptime Party (113)

  • waiting one work for update Michelle about social event
  • Sunday is better for Maptime party

No-photo stickers (117)

  • stickers on clothes are bad due to sweating in the summer. They might fall of.
  • Small stickers on the lanyard instead on the t-shirt don't fall of when the shirt becomes wet but are small.
  • Two different colours for ribbons are good to see from distance.

We will get quotes for the second and the third option.

Gather content from sponsors (108)

  • no update
  • deadline for booklet: end of June
  • banners needed until 2018-07-13
  • deadline for everything: end of June
  • ask sponsors if they need more than electricity and wifi at their booth (especially wired network access needs cables to be layed)

Banners and signs (106)

Lanyards (105)

  • we got quotes
  • nicknames should be larger than in 2016
  • size will be similar (slightly larger) than in 2016

Quote for Booklet

  • Italian quote is without VAT but A5
  • Michael has asked for a booklet at U.S.E. (Berlin) and copied an older quote for FOSSGIS 2018 into the GitHub ticket.

Pay venue deposit (96)

  • Alessandro asked for invoice for the deposit

T-Shirt (93)

  • back with text as proposed
  • front with logo anywhere
  • red for volunteers, green for participants

Schedule changes

  • one workshop and one talk were cancelled by the speakers
  • move OsmAnd talk (but ask Victor first) to Saturday 15:10 to fill this gap in De Donato. Talk will be quite full and a large room is necessary.
  • put Stefan Keller's MapMyBusiness to Sunday 10:30
  • move "Thematic mapping with emojis" 30 minutes later
  • Michael will ask the speakers via email