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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Operations Meeting* - Draft minutes
Thursday 7 September 2023, at 19:00 London time - Countdown
Location: Video room at https://osmvideo.cloud68.co

* Please note that this is not strictly an Operations Working Group (OWG) meeting.


Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.




  • MapTiler said in August 2023 that they would get back to us.
  • Paul to forward email to Guillaume, to follow-up.
  • If we don't hear back by the next meeting, we will close this.

Paul to open a ticket to accept GitHub and Wikimedia emails [Topic: Validating user emails]

Related to user sign-ups.

The question is whether we insist on doing a validation of sending a confirmation email or not: we currently don't for Google, Facebook and now Microsoft, but we do for GitHub and MediaWiki.

Traces simplification

Traces simplification to be turned into an issue.

MicroSoft Map builder

Microsoft Map builder users:

  • don't know that they have an OSM account.
  • don't know their OSM account username.
  • can't log-in to their OSM accounts.
    • Pushed them to do single sign-on (SSO) - ongoing work.


  • Setting up a class of accounts that the users can't really use. OWG has made the effort to make some activities self-serviced (request account deletion and clear block messages) by logging into the account, and it will be broken for the Map builder accounts.


  • Creation of accounts without getting rate limited.
  • Account blocking: If a user gets blocked, all the sign-ups with the same email would get blocked.
    • IP block is also a problem, as they're talking about pre-creating a batch (e.g. 1000) of accounts at a time.

On deletion of OSM accounts

OSM account holders requesting the deletion of their account:

  • can request deletion by logging into their account.
  • can request deletion via email and 1. They have to provide their OSM username. 2. They have to send the request from the email address associated with their OSM account.

Deletion of an OSM account results in the OSM username to be shown either as deleted or as a number on the website.

On handling deletion of OSM accounts from Map builder users

Microsoft Map builder users have to contact Microsoft to delete their OSM accounts, as they can't supply us the necessary information for verification of their OSM accounts.

On personally identifiable information

  • If Microsoft Map builder users want us to delete personally identifiable information, they need to be able to send that request to us directly.
    • Microsoft designed the system so that there's no personally identifiable information.
    • We would validate the account with a message
  • We wouldn't have personally identifiable information, besides map edits and email address.


  • Raise the concerns with the Data Working Group (DWG) that approved this.
    • Account deletion is a website maintainer issue.
  • Tell Microsoft that the sign-up form might change at any time and might break their process.
    • We have told that already.

Other points mentioned

  • Data compliance issues should be solved by others.
  • No more information in the MS Map builder account than the deleted account.
  • Sometimes we have to be reliant on other people to make smart decisions.

Next step: Tom will reply to Microsoft, once DWG and Licensing Working Group (LWG) have replied to Operations Working Group (OWG).

AWS in 2024 budget

  • We have nine months of credits in the 2024 budget.
  • We should budget for the remaining months, without the render server.
  • Expectation to receive credits again.


  • Mark line in budget as contingency, in the event we don't get credits.
  • Ask them how to get the credits cycle aligned with our budgeting cycle.
  • Speak with Amazon Web Services (AWS) 2-4 months before our credits expire.

Other point mentioned: AWS open data team meets once per month and makes approvals at the end of the month.

Tracestrack Featured layer

Reference: https://tracesmap.com/

  • Paul sent them expected traffic numbers.
  • They are happy for us to proceed.
  • They've provided the URLs.

On their proposal

  • Their proposal is for raster tiles, but they also have vector tiles.
  • One layer will be with labels and one for base.
  • You can select different base layers.
  • Their JavaScript has a bug.
  • Unique style.
  • It's crisper than our tiles.

Vote on the addition of Tracestrack as a featured layer on www.osm.org

No objections.

Planet on S3 - agree on plan

https://github.com/openstreetmap/operations/issues/678 Move planet hosting to S3 #678


  • can do redirects for compatibility
  • people should go to planet.osm.org to get the canonical URL.


  • We shouldn't do redirects on S3, as we don't want to add functionality that can't be easily supported (-latest).
  • We could do a state file, which tells people what the latest file is.
    • Sounds like more maintenance.
  • Object = should be a data file, not a point.
  • There is a counter-proposal on the ticket.
    • Doesn't do redirects.
  • Goal: make things as stateless as possible.

On bucket name

  • Important for users who are using the Amazon Web Services (AWS) CLI.
  • Proposed: download.planet.openstreetmap.org
  • We can put a custom domain name on a bucket.

Next step: Grant to do an expand view of his counter-proposal.

On breaking down top level categories by year

  • Suggestion: No year directories.
  • Stops having massive directories.
  • Helps with filtering, as in AWS one can get only 1000 lists in a single manual GET request.

On naming

Dates in file names

  • Currently, there is no consistency: e.g. .pbfs don't have year.
  • According to Guillaume's document, the file names of the planet only have two digit years.
  • Suggestion: Four digit dates.

Decisions: keep year and use ISO date.

(With LWG) Issue template/checklist for blocking sites without attribution.

The Licensing Working Group (LWG) does not have the bandwidth to look at every individual website which reportedly lacks attribution to decide whether it should be blocked.

Main suggestion Create a checklist/issue template for a process that people would follow regarding sites without attribution, which wouldn't involve LWG. LWG would just approve the procedure. The community member would tick the boxes with the actions they did and if all are marked as done, OWG will block the site, otherwise it would close the ticket.


  • This would shift the bandwidth for request evaluation from LWG to OWG.
  • OWG does not have bandwidth to evaluate the requests and decide which sites should be blocked.

Tom disconnected at 59' after start.

Points mentioned during discussion

  • Some user communications with other parties have been unreasonable.
  • Tracker should show that the community members have reached out to the party concerned (paste email) and asked them to fix attribution.
    • LWG is working on publishing a template letter ("love letter") that the community can use in cases where there is no OSM attribution.
  • Trust the users of community.osm.org to find out people who are abusing our tiles by not attributing the project.


  • Could use a different tracker than the Operations one, e.g. on GitHub or use community.osm.org to mark things done.
    • Then users would vote on who to block.
    • Do it only for cases where there is no attribution at all and our using our tiles.
    • The OWG would still have the burden of curating the tickets.
  • Guillaume to create a draft document with a checklist.

Decision: create a process which will use the tickers on the new Attribution repository and will result in a data file which will become the new block list. The new repository will be only for cases of missing OSM attribution from sites using OSMF tiles.

Action item: Paul to create a GitHub template.

Open Operations Tickets

Review open, what needs policy and what needs someone to help with.

Action items

  • 2023-08-24 Tom to see how can traces simplification be done. [Topic: Large scale GPX uploads]
  • 2023-08-24 Paul to open a ticket regarding the re-indexing and frequency. [Topic: Large scale GPX uploads]
  • 2023-08-24 Paul to email MapTiler [Topic: MapTiler featured layer]
  • 2023-08-24 Paul to open a ticket to accept GitHub and Wikimedia emails [Topic: Validating user emails]
  • 2023-08-24 Paul to ask Andy Allan about metrics and if he wants to rotate the key at some point. [Topic: Tracestrack featured layer]
  • 2023-06-29 Grant to put Martijn van Exel's policy for addition of OSM editors to the osm.org menu out for feedback. [Topic: Draft policy by Martijn van Exel]
  • 2023-05-18 Paul to start an open document listing goals for longer-term planning. [Topic: Longer-term planning]
  • 2023-05-04 [WordPress] Grant to share list of WordPress users with Dorothea and their response to keeping an account. [Topic: WordPress security] - Shared, but additional work required
  • 2023-08-24 Paul to work on creating a FAQ in order to reduce incoming communications.