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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Operations Meeting* - Draft minutes
Thursday 13 January 2022 at 19:00 London time - Countdown
Location: Video room at https://osmvideo.cloud68.co

* Please note that this is not strictly an Operations Working Group (OWG) meeting.



Minutes by Dorothea Kazazi.

Action items

  • 2022-01-13 [New] Paul Norman to look at page thanking people hosting cache-nodes [Low priority]. [From reportage]
  • 2021-10-20 OWG to get back to Fastly about their blogpost draft.
  • 2021-10-20 [High Priority] OWG to work out potential monthly cost for moving traces to S3. [Topic: Traces to S3]
  • 2021-10-20 Grant Slater to fix certificates, fix backups to shared OSM backups. [Topic:Discourse live this week?]
  • 2021-10-20 Grant Slater to move Dublin, HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 [Topic: Discourse live this week?]
  • 2021-10-20 Grant Slater to chat to AWS again [Topic: Planet on S3]
  • 2021-10-20 Grant Slater to followup with Guillaume Rischard [Topic: Planet on S3]
  • 2021-09-08 Grant Slater and Guillaume Rischard to capture the emails of suspended users and transfer them to an archive account before deleting them and start paying [Topic: OSMF email provider] #2021-09-22 Pending. Guillaume Rischard may have cleared some.
  • 2021-09-08 Paul Norman to do the PR to add Fastly to the "supported-by" list. [Topic: Fastly] #2021-09-22 Added in one place. Probably still needs to be added to hardware.openstreetmap.org.
  • 2021-05-05 Grant Slater to email Toby from WikiMedia Foundation and suggest chating to MapTiler. [Topic: WIkimedia] #2021-06-02, 2021-06-16, 2021-06-30,2021-07-14, 2021-08-11, 2021-08-25 Status: Pending. Low priority.
  • 2021-02-24 Tom Hughes to report back on TimescaleDB again at next meeting. [Topic: Reportage] [was: 2021-01-13 Tom Hughes to evaluate TimescaleDB] [Topic: Longer term metric retention] #2021-04-21 SSD Disk Failing in US #2021-05-19 decision to leave on the agenda. #2021-06-02, 2021-06-16, 2021-06-30 nothing new #2021-07-14 deployed yesterday #2021-08-11 Failing over again after a week. Hypothesis: issue with Postgres and number of tables.Some of the autovacuum jobs stuck in loops reading the statistics. #2021-08-25 No update.
  • 2021-01-13 OWG to send message to the servers we want to keep. [Reportage. Existing CDN servers] #2021-03-24 Three servers stopped talking to us (shenron, naga and one more) #2021-05-19, 2021-06-02
  • 2021-01-13 Grant Slater to wipe thorn servers and the 3 other machines [AMS] [Topic: Longer term metric retention] #2021-05-19 pending #2021-06-02 Ramoth data drives wiped - decision: Grant Slater to do final wipe of Ramoth and leave it until next site visit. Discussion about 16G DDR3. #2021-07-14 Paul Norman to update ticket with the decision.
  • 2020-12-02 Grant Slater to develop some thoughts on what is next for us using AWS. [Topic: AWS] #2021-05-19
  • 2020-11-04 OWG to work out tile log archival and deletion policy at later stage. [Topic: Commercial CDN] #2021-03-24
  • 2020-10-21 Paul Norman to write to Discourse ticket and email the board [Topic: Discourse] #2021-06-16 pending.
  • 2020-09-09 Grant Slater [Topic: Amazon Web Services (AWS)] Speak to AWS person about going ahead with open data program with official OSM S3 bucket. #2021-05-19
  • 2020-09-09 Grant Slater [Topic: Amazon Web Services (AWS)] Talk to OpenAerial Map/HOT. #2021-05-19
  • 2020-08-12 Michal Migurski to try to rekindle excitement about people helping with imagery (on dev channel/imagery channel or Slack). #2020-08-26 No progress.
  • 2020-07-29 Grant Slater to enable background sync to AWS S3. [Topic: Ironbelly] #2020-08-12
  • 2020-07-29 Grant Slater to check with Wiki Admins on hCaptcha (reCaptcha replacement). [Topic: Wiki reCaptcha issue] https://github.com/openstreetmap/operations/issues/454 #2020-08-12 hCaptcha people reached out and happy to help. Blocker on Mediawiki 1.35 being released in August. #2021-05-19 blocker removed. #2021-06-02 pending.
  • 2020-07-01 Paul Norman to create a ticket about solutions to reduce incoming comms. [Topic:Revision of acceptable use policy to reduce incoming comms] #2021-05-19 decision to leave the action item open. #2021-06-02 discussion about priority for account deletion.
  • 2020-07-01 Grant Slater to work out some of the questions for an online form as a solution to reduce incoming communications. [Topic: Revision of acceptable use policy to reduce incoming comms] 2020-08-12 need to think about the reply #2021-05-19 decision to leave the action item open.
  • 2020-06-04 Paul Norman to update the Github ticket Adding API key support for tile.osm.org
  • 2020-06-04 Grant Slater to work out a table of different data bits, work out how they are backed up and what can be potentially improved. [Topic: High Availability / Redundancy of OpenStreetMap.org (and primary services)] #2021-05-19 decision to leave the action item open. #2021-06-02 pending.


Page thanking people hosting cache-nodes

  • Automatically generated

Action item: Paul to look at page thanking people hosting cache-nodes.

Request to use standard tile layer in Element.io

Conflict of interest: Paul self-declared a conflict of interest, as his employer (Amazon) also offers tiles.

Element.io is a start up mixing free and commercial services.

Current status

  • Static sharing of location on a map.
  • Tile requests in the range of 10s per second.


  • Static location sharing will change to real-time location sharing, which will default to zoom 17.
  • They have a growth trajectory, so the numbers they have supplied to OWG might dramatically change.

Are they prepared to swap out to a different provider in a reasonable time-frame if their tile requests become an issue?

Action item: Paul to contact Element.io and try to find out about the potential growth.

Review of what needs to be done in Dublin

What's left to make Dublin capable of being a primary site?

  • Sort out planet.
  • Sysadmin time needed.
  • Hardware: Nothing needed.


  • Move traces to Amazon Web Storage.
  • Use 3 buckets for: compressed traces and two types of images (static icon and larger animated gif).

Plan: Dublin to become primary site and then upgrade the network in Amsterdam.

2022 budget planning

Need to figure out anything new in the next year that will impact expenses, including expenses that are not for payments to cloud providers or capital expenses.


  • Put Postgres work into budget - Postgres consultant for improvement of set-up for main database.
  • Overpass
  • Publish about the current set-up and where we think the weak spots are. State what input we are looking for.

Other points during discussion

  • OWG has not reached out publicly.
    • Had a sit-out meeting, but without a comprehensive idea of what we were looking for.
  • Value in getting additional people to think about it.

New purchases

  • Need new pizza box or dedicated machine for overpass.

On suggestion for history page to use OSMCha

  • Best to post OSMCha ourselves.
  • Find volunteer?
    • Mikel seemed excited in the past for attention on OSMCha - connect to people that originally developed it at Mapbox?

Michal had to disconnect 27' after start.

Any other business


  • Need Richard Fairhurst to discuss this.
  • Community push-back on the idea. Paul asked for people to make submissions for OpenMapTiles featured layer, but there were none.
  • Value in running it as an experiment. If at some point it is discontinued, we can leave a static copy of the tiles.
  • Can't use it if we need minutely updates.

Want to see:

  • Usage patterns.
  • If it's worth doing it, even if it's not on www.osm.org yet.

On OpenMapTiles

  • Heavily involved with MapTiler.
  • Docker-based. Imports with ImpOSM to Postgres and then uses PostGIS to generate the tiles.
  • Entirely different design than TileMaker.


Upgraded Postgres.

  • Running for 3-4 weeks before failure.
  • We don't have the previous problem of vacuum jobs stuck for hours.
  • At the time to autovacuum there are so many tables that can't prevent wrap-around.

We don't have that many metrics.

Meeting adjourned at 19:45 London time.

Next meeting

Thursday 27 January 2022, 19:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

Operations meetings are currently being held every two Thursdays, at 19:00 London time.
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