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The Moderation Team has implemented the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board of Directors resolution suspending user Adamant1 from all OSM activity for one year as of 24 August 2023. Adamant1 is barred from subscribing to the talk@ or osmf-talk@ lists, and the Moderation Team has asked the community forums governance team to extend Adamant1's extant suspension from the community forum to 24 August 2024.

Text of one-year suspension

On 24 August 2023, the OpenStreetMap Foundation board adopted the following resolution, which the Moderation Team is implementing:

OpenStreetMap Foundation Board Resolution on Implementing a Global Ban Against Adamant1

The OpenStreetMap community values transparency, collaboration, and the dedication of its volunteer contributors.

The Board recognises the significant negative impact that sustained disruptive behaviour can have on the community’s morale, productivity, and well-being.

At the initiative of a group of moderators, and after consultation with various relevant moderator groups and working groups, the board has determined that there is a need to address certain disruptive behaviours for the betterment of the community. The evidence used in this decision process, while not disclosed for privacy reasons, ranges from direct interactions, community reports, and consistent patterns of behavior observed over time.

The Board’s decision comes after repeated instances and documented evidence of disruptions attributed to the said individual, which have negatively impacted the community.

While moderators and administrators of various channels or working groups have local responsibility, it is within the purview of the OpenStreetMap Board to take project-wide necessary actions against those who harm the community.

The Board acknowledges the potential ramifications such decisions might have and assures the community that it is based on a consensus and in-depth review, ensuring that it’s neither impulsive nor unilateral. Decisions like this one are exceptionally rare; it does not set precedent.

The Board hereby resolves as follows:

Identification of Disruptive Individual:

Adamant1, also known as Adam Ant, < email address redacted >, and Adamant36, has been identified as consistently engaging in disruptive behaviour that goes against the community guidelines, spirit of collaboration, and mutual respect.[1]

Global Ban Implementation:

  1. The said individual is hereby issued a global ban, meaning they are no longer welcome to participate in all aspects of the OpenStreetMap project during the duration of the ban. A global ban signifies a prohibition from all OpenStreetMap forums, mailing lists, wikis, and other communication channels, along with a restriction from editing the map.
  2. The Working Groups, moderator teams, and administrators of all OSM channels, whether hosted by the OSM Foundation or elsewhere, are asked to implement measures that prevent the said individual from participating in discussions, contributions, or any other community activity within their respective domains. They may cite this global ban resolution at their discretion to implement the ban in their respective domains.
  3. The implementation of these measures should be done in a manner that upholds the principles of fairness and transparency. The specifics of implementation are to be determined by each group or team, respecting the autonomy of their operations and the nature of their engagement with the community.

Duration and Review:

  1. This ban will be effective for one year starting from the date of this resolution. It is not subject to appeal.
  2. At the end of this period, the board can review the situation at the request of the said individual. If the said individual has shown genuine remorse and a commitment to positive change, a phased reintegration into the community may be considered.
  3. Should circumstances change or new information come to light, the Board retains the right to amend or adjust this resolution as deemed appropriate.

Transparency and Community Support:

  1. A brief and neutral statement will be published on the official OpenStreetMap diary section and community discourse, informing the community about this decision without divulging sensitive details.
  2. Community members are encouraged to report any attempt by the banned individual to circumvent these measures. However, they are also requested to refrain from engaging in public shaming or unnecessary discussions about the individual. They are urged to allow the moderators and administrators to manage the enforcement of this ban, avoiding any form of vigilantism. They are also reminded to respect the right to privacy of the individual and not to disseminate personal or sensitive information.
  3. The Board Secretary will directly communicate this decision to Adamant1, ensuring they’re informed of the resolution and its implications.
  4. No board members, moderators, administrators or working group participants have reported personal ties or conflicts of interest with the said individual.


  1. This resolution is not an endorsement to interfere directly with the voluntary work of individual contributors or to overstep the domain of any working group. It comes at the initiative of a group of moderators, and after consultation with moderators, administrators, and working groups.
  2. It serves as a directive to protect the community and its values, and its enforcement should be guided by the principle of minimal necessary intervention.

Feedback and Further Actions:

  1. The Board is open to feedback from the community regarding this decision and its implementation.
  2. Any further measures or actions, if deemed necessary, will be taken after careful consideration of the community’s feedback and in consultation with the relevant groups.

Document Version 2023-08-18-01. Any updates to this resolution will be marked with subsequent version numbers and dates.

  1. This individual's email address is available from the OSMF Board of Directors on direct-message request for purposes of enforcing this ban.