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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Microgrants Commitee - Agenda & notes
Meeting on Jitsi


  • Hanna Krüger
  • Chris Beddow
  • Janet Chapman
  • Clifford Snow
  • Geoffrey Katerrega
  • Joost Schouppe

Board business

- observer role: outlined the next steps - Weekly DeepL support: Board prefers MWG to take the lead on this and have asked MWG for their input. No objections from Microgrants team.

How to handle top 15 projects

After priotitizing during the previous meeting, 15 proposals were left that get consensus approval from the team.

Can more of them be eliminited?

- OSMcal: should it go under OWG budget?

- in favour: is basic osm.org infrastructure
- against: no clear fit with an existing WG; will need to be kept alive long term (but other projects as well)
   -> perspective to move responsibility to a Working Group, but ask for non-microgrant funding from the board

- maybe select just one from each country? -> no consensus about this idea

The group would like to keep 15 candidates and 56k of projects.

The microgrants team had much more good candidates than they can fund, and corona makes a lot of good projects impossible for now. The team would therefor like to ask for a second round sooner rather than later, e.g. in 6 months time.

Joost to send list and basic motivation to the Board.

Joost suggested a Microgrants presentation at the next board meeting. Accepted by the team.