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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Microgrants Commitee - Agenda & notes
Meeting on Jitsi


  • Hanna Krüger
  • Chris Beddow
  • Janet Chapman
  • Clifford Snow
  • Geoffrey Katerrega
  • Joost Schouppe

Selection process

  • reviewing proposals with no or low community endorsements, but that were actually endorsed by some group members
* a proposal by a very new community: high potential for growth, but also risky (move to "maybe")
* proposals that have some excluding elements: can we accept if they make some changes or are they out anyway? (moved to "maybe")
  • overlapping projects: only one should be accepted
  • many grants are very good, but conflict with COVID requirements, should notify to modify or resubmit intact for next time

Provisions for grants

  • need to specify that equipment such as laptops must be community property
  • any requirements we have about developer time should be specified

Next actions

  • reduced below current cost of ~ 56,000 euros
  • alternatively, decide if authorizing more funds
  • keep in mind 15 proposals now, 10 was our initial estimate
  • will meet on Thursday to look at finalizing
  • how to make the announcement (communicate direct to recipients, and blog post?)