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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Microgrants Commitee - Agenda & notes
Meeting on Jitsi


  • Hanna Krüger
  • Chris Beddow
  • Janet Chapman
  • Clifford Snow
  • Geoffrey Katerrega
  • Joost Schouppe

Meeting content

Status check

There were only minor technical issues during the applications. There were no proposals stradling the deadline. As is tradition, most proposals arrived in the final days.

Send a reminder to all applicants to make sure the formalities are OK (see action items):

  • you need to be a member or have already made an application to be a member > apply and answer within three days!
  • you will need to send the declaration in order to get the money (if selected)
  • other housekeeping? Check if username is filled in > it usually is, but the template doesn't show it (see action items)
  • there will be a discussion, please follow

How to review the proposals

  • internal scoring document was made
  • public consultation
    • defined time to get questions from community
    • how to encourage answers from the applicants > team will watch the relevant wiki pages and stay in touch with the applicants
    • discussion on mailing list: often minor points are discussed for a long time, which can make a good project look bad. So encourage discussion on wiki page instead of mailing list
    • discussion time: one week
  • preferably remove non-eligible applications or non-eligible parts of the project before discussion
  • send an e-mail to talk and omsf-talk to invite discussion on the “Discussion” proposal page

Other topics

  • Long term issue: make a good manual (video?) to fill in the form (parked in the Issue tracker for future reference)


  • idea from the Board: they would do a call for “observers”. The team encourages the idea, and suggested to ask specific people in the community who are widely respected (similar to the election observers)

Action items

  • Chris: to send formalities mail to applicants
  • Clifford & Chris: prepare communications to invite feedback about the proposals (once the deadline has passed)
  • Geoffrey: Technical issue: OSM username is not shown in the box on the wiki page