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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Microgrants Commitee - Agenda & notes
Meeting: April 17th 2020, on Jitsi


  • Hanna Krüger
  • Chris Beddow
  • Janet Chapman
  • Clifford Snow
  • Geoffrey Katerrega
  • Joost Schouppe


Previous Action items

  • Clifford: to lead the form creation > in depth during this meeting
  • Joost: to connect with OSM Weekly > all good
    • week 1) already say form will be getting out
    • week 2) calls for submissions should go out asap
  • All: to mail short bio to microgrants@osmfoundation.org > all good
  • Chris: lead blog post updates > we made further edits during the meeting

Feedback on application form

We received:

  • please don't use Google Docs > just work offline, or use an open alternative > or use the wiki?
  • what exactly is the issue with editing the wiki? Have you tried editing the wiki with the visual editor yourself? Are we not expecting a little effort from applicants?
  • e-mail from Tobias regarding scoping of the page (i.e. misfit between some questions and the type of projects envisioned)


  • Follow Tobias' advice
  • We will do applications using the wiki, and allow people to send by e-mail if needed. [POST MEETING NOTE: this turned out to be A LOT of fiddling to do it decently. Geoffrey and Clifford saved the day]

Action items

  • Developing form for selected projects - agreement to conditions
  • Hanna to take care of adding dates to OSM Calendar
  • Christopher to contact Dorothea with request to make Blog post & tweet out officially
  • Dorothea and comms WG - ask to share the blog post widely (OSMUS Blog/newsletter, etc - ideas pending)
  • Each member share to relevant groups: Telegram, email, social media
  • Clifford to mail link to OSMF-talk and OSM-talk
  • Joost to change link in diary post to blog post
  • Consider a post-submission/award survey to gather demographic information on applicants for review
  • Document the selection process - in the wiki. Check if this is feasible with OSMF policy: essentially disqualify any submissions that fail to meet requirements, then check if total requested of all qualified exceeds budget, if so eliminate one project at a time based on which would be least fit and desirable by community and board subjective feedback, and repeat the process of elimination until budget is not exceeded.

Next meeting(s)

next Thursday, same time