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OpenStreetMap Foundation, Microgrants Commitee - Agenda & notes
Meeting: Friday 3rd Apri 2020, on Jitsi


  • Hanna Krüger
  • Chris Beddow
  • Janet Chapman
  • Clifford Snow
  • Geoffrey Katerrega
  • Joost Schouppe



  • Chris Beddow - US, Budapest
  • Hanna Krüger - Germany, Koln
  • Janet Chapman - Tanzania/London
  • Clifford Snow - US/Washington state
  • Geoffrey Katerrega - HOT, Uganda; also worked on HOT Microgrants
  • Joost Schouppe - Board liaison

Develop work flow

  • Broad date outlines: please finish first round this year :)
  • Budget: for now 50.000 eur; max 10 projects accepted
  • Project proposals need to take in account the epidemic - e.g. no events, probably no field mapping

Application form

  • not too long, both to fill in or to read
  • do make sure they need to think it through during the application
  • individuals allowed, but in most cases it's probably advisable to be more than one. No limit upfront though
  • anything that is in there should be checked by the Policy Document

Do we need mentors?

  • We probably do
  • Main task: just check in with the applicants quite often
  • Mentors should be matched to fit the project

Blog post on our plans

  • just only very small coms by Joost now
  • big bang of comms once we have a call for proposals

Learn from others e.g. HOT's Rebecca Firth

Budget for team

Timeline to accepting proposals

Next meeting(s)

next Thursday, same time

Elect chair person

informal decision: Chris for now!

Application method

There will be a template wiki page that you can clone and fill in. Your application form will be a public wiki page. Send a message to microgrants@osmfoundation.org and osmf-talk when it’s ready. Practical issues with sending applications to osmf-talk are not disqualifying.

  • this means on the public wiki!

Need link on to how to apply for reduced/free membership to OSMF

Action items

  • Janet - lead the edits of the HOT document into our
  • Clifford - first draft of submission form on the wiki >
  • get a copy of the HOT submission form
  • Chris - blog post writing
  • blog post communication
    • osm weekly
    • whatsapp / telegram / slack groups
    • osmcal + wiki calendar
    • forum.openstreetmap.org
    • official blog, announce mailing list
  • Joost: ask Dorothea to give write access to osmf wiki to all the members (done)

Other relevant stuff