Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2024-03-27

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Meeting started at 12:10 UTC.



  • Adam - UK
  • Arnalie - HOT
  • Eugene - PH
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Michael - UN

Not present

  • Besfort - XK (with apologies)
  • Anisa - IT (with apologies)


  • Minutes of previous meeting:
  • Michael Montani (UN) interested to join LCCWG
    • Introduction: Michael created the first YouthMappers chapter: Polimappers at Politecnico di Milano; works with the geospatial group in the UN; works with a lot of communities in Africa and Asia
    • Approved with 4 ayes
      • Eugene to perform admin tasks to formalize Michael's joining
  • Włodzimierz Bartczak (Polish LC) interested to join LCCWG
    • Adam to follow up by email
  • Arnalie requested private gitlab repository for LC applications (LCCWG and Board to have access) to Dorothea; Dorothea forwarded to Grant; request is still ongoing
    • Adam volunteered to talk with Grant
  • Tidy up GitLab c/o Adam and Eugene
    • Eugene to schedule a 1-on-1 with Adam in early April

Main agenda

Board updates (c/o Arnalie/Dani)

  • Board liason: Dani?
    • Will be finalized in this month's 28 March Board meeting
    • Liaison acts as the Board's focal point for the WG
  • Arnalie to provide update to the Board re LCC Virtual Congress in this month's 28 March Board meeting
  • OSMF Membership Drive Campaign
    • Stats from Michael (MWG; sent 21 March):
      • New members Mar 5.-11. 7 (1 paying)
      • Mar 12.-18. 85 (9 paying)
    • Webinar coming soon
    • Arnalie asked help from LCCWG
  • OSMF support to regional/national SotM - supporting local communities https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/lccwg/-/issues/18
    • Also opened with CWG (closed for SotM WG)
    • Deferred for next meeting in April

LCC Virtual Congress

  • Happened on 2 March
  • Post-congress tasks:
    • Post recording online
    • Send thank you email?
    • Draft a OSM Blog post
    • Request presentation slides from presenters (check notes for links)

LC How-to + application updates/status

OSM The Gambia

  • Currently assigned to Anisa with Arnalie supporting
  • Arnalie asked clarifications with no response yet
  • Arnalie sent follow up email 27 March

UniqueMappers Network (Nigeria) application

  • Dr. Victor followed up with LCCWG last Jan 4 by email
  • Michael volunteered with Arnalie supporting as POC

umbraOSM (Brazil)

  • Expressed interest
  • Arnalie to copy LCCWG (Dani might be good focal point for this)



Any other business

  • No other business

Next meeting

  • Currently scheduled for 24 April 2024, Wednesday
    • Adam: alternate early for US and late for PH?
    • Arnalie: 12:30 UTC is okay if this is OK with Maggie

Meeting ended 13:16 UTC.