Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2023-06-27

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Meeting started at 14:10 UTC.



  • Arnalie - HOT
  • Eugene - PH
  • Adam - UK

Not present

  • Joost - BE (with apologies)
  • Maggie - US (with apologies)
  • Anisa - IT (with apologies)


Main agenda

Board Local Chapters updates

  • Updates from the Board from Arnalie in her role as Board member:
    • During the Board S2S meeting in June, Board approved to include "Local Chapters and Community updates" agenda item into Board monthly meetings
      • Arnalie clarified that there is no protocol for adding topics to this agenda item from outside the Board
      • Arnalie clarified that specific community updates can also be done during the monthly community presentation
    • LCs need to submit annual report per LC agreement; Board wants to post a blog article highlighting LC activities
    • LCs also need to submit their legal accounting/financial reports

Local chapter application how-to

  • Draft how-to created by Arnalie: https://hackmd.io/@XT6NX5TWRciQGzTGjBEnRQ/By59EyMVn
  • Board and LCCWG was asked to provide comments by June 15. There are at least 90 comments on the document with ~50 yet unanswered.
  • The current plan is to finalize the document tentatively by July meeting
  • Action items:
    • Arnalie to set up meeting with LCCWG and Roland and Craig to address the latter two's comments
    • Adam to help setting up Matrix/Element/IRC/Telegram channel for asynchronous communications

Improving the OSMF affiliation model [GL#12]

  • During SOTM US, Arnalie did a BoF for this topic
    • Arnalie took notes, will be shared during the next Board meeting
    • One of Arnalie's idea is to check Wikimedia's model
    • Another item on Arnalie's plate is to understand local context
  • Group decided that this task is de-priortized and can be tackled in the upcoming LCC Congress: ask people to prepare ideas for be the benefits for potential user groups
  • Working document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LKtw8T5sF5s21pk6DL1bJtflQKNFKBcAph0_cKzId_w


  • Previously, Joost sent a proposal to the Board back in February
  • Group agreed to shift to nudging the Board fundraising committee
  • POC: Joost & Arnalie

OSM.org website landing page

  • There are a lot of issues on the website, but question is who is going to do the work?
  • Arnalie would like to push for this task but we need to involve Allan/Tom/OWG/Sysads
  • Adam is happy to be part of the effort
  • Group agreed that this task probably needs a dedicated WG/committee mandated to redesign the OSM website
    • Eugene asked if LCCWG will be in charge of setting up this new WG/committee
    • Action item: Ask LCCWG what they want to update on this page
  • Adam: LCCWG can still be responsible for the communities page including UX design
  • Group agreed that this task be deprioritized given the large scope and can be tackled in the upcoming LCC Congress with something more concrete to be presented to the community by SotM 2024

Trails engagement

  • No updates
  • There was a Trails session during SOTM US; need to ask Maggie for async updates

Support the development of Microcosms [GL#7]

  • Brian is supposed to spin up a new instance because people couldn't sign up to test the UI/UX but Brian is a bit busy

LCC Congress 2022

  • Previous to-dos:
    • [ ] send thank you e-mail once the links are up (Maggie) & include ask to get more involved with LCCWG
      • Follow-up after SOTMUS

LCC Congress 2023

  • Group previously agreed to hold mini LCC Congressed at various in-person regional SotMs; but WG can still organize an online session if we want to:
    • Oceania - October, no WG member yet
    • Africa - Geoffrey (Nov-Dec)
    • Asia - Arnalie and Eugene
    • Europe - Anisa (if she attends) and Joost, Adam
    • Tabled topics to discuss:
      • Improving the OSMF affiliation model - ask people to prepare like what would be the benefits for the user groups, thats the word i was looking for, just to make everyone understand the diference this would makes for the local smaller user groups
      • OSM.org home page ideas

Improving the User group wiki page

  • No updates

GitLab or some other tool for tracking async work

  • Action items:
    • Eugene to check if everyone has access to Gitlab (need to register with email address (Gitlab account) then we add them to Gitlab)
    • Eugene to create tickets for our agenda topics

Any other business

  • None discussed

Next meeting

  • Next meeting set for July 31st at 14:00 UTC.

Meeting ended 15:07 UTC.