Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2023-01-30

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Meeting started at 15:21 UTC.



  • Eugene - PH
  • Maggie - US
  • Joost - BE
  • Anisa - IT
  • Adam - UK (joined 41')
  • Naveen - IN (joined 45')

Not present

  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Arnalie - HOT (with apologies)
  • Charles - ZM
  • Besfort - XK
  • Jonathan - BE
  • Patrick - CH
  • Rob - UK
  • Jorge - PT


  • WG Chairmanship. Eugene accepts to become chairperson again.
  • Minutes of previous meeting: 2022-11-28
    • Approved.
    • Old minutes on the wiki? Eugene volunteers to transform to the wiki

Main agenda


  • Idea to ask the Board if and how LCCWG can take the lead on this.
    • Scope: Limit to things related to community building
    • Last time most work was done by a committee appointed by the Board
    • Agreed on General model: like a subcommittee of the LCCWG
    • Joost agreed to send a proposal to the board

OSM website improvement proposal

  • Proposed to create an osm.org landing page that is oriented to new people interested in OSM. See welcome.osm.org or how all the local chapters do it.
    • Joost agreed to write a simple start of proposal

Trails engagement

  • OSMUS has a project to work with like-minded organisations on improving trail data in OSM
    • Next step - everyone think on best way to coordinate/collaborate and ensure that OSM trail data is harmonised worldwide

Support the development of Microcosms [GL#7]

  • No news that the present people know of.

LCC Congress 2022

  • Follow-up:

Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

Any other business

Regional events

  • State of the Map US in June 2023 in Richmond, Virginia
  • State of the Map Asia (TBD, maybe in November 2023)
  • State of the Map Europe (TBD)
  • OSMit (Italian chapter OSM mapping conference, TBD)
  • Wikimania in August 2023 in Singapore

How to guide to become a local chapter

Meeting ended 16:07 UTC.