Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2020-07-20

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Meeting started at 15:02 UTC.



  • Charles - ZM
  • Clifford - US
  • Eugene - PH
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Maggie - US
  • Rob - UK

Not present

  • Ben - BE (with apologies)
  • Joost - BE (with apologies)
  • Patrick - CH
  • Stefano - IT


Approval of the 2020-06-15 meeting minutes

HackMD team

  • Eugene created a HackMD team for the LCCWG. All WG members are encouraged to put LCCWG-related notes here. Note that notes in this team is public and shouldn't be used for sensitive/private information.

Conflict of interest policy for working groups

  • Tobias, on behalf of the Board, previously contacted LCCWG to ask if there should be a CoI policy for working groups, and if so, what changes would have to be made compared to the board's CoI policy to make it suitable for that purpose?
  • Some WG members did not see any real need to adopt such a policy given the work being done by the WG, but they are not opposed to adopting one if the Board requires it.

Conflict of interest disclosure

  • Starting June 23, Eugene has a potential conflict of interest since he entered into a contract with Kaart and joined their data team. Kaart is currently a Bronze Corporate Member of the OSMF. This disclosure is provided for transparency to the rest of the LCCWG members.

Non-disclosure agreement

  • Has everybody signed the NDA and submitted it back to Dorothea?
  • Action item: Eugene to ask Dorothea for Charles to sign.

Previous action items

Items in bold and highlighted are updates in status or new action items.
Assigned Item Status Source
Joost Do a comparison of features of various OSM websites Summarisation is ongoing
2020-01 meeting
Clifford Run a survey with existing chapters and chapters-to-be to get their views why they applied/will apply to become a chapter Summarisation is ongoing
2019-11 meeting
Maggie Create SotM 2020 video presentation SotM done
2020-01 meeting
Maggie, Rob Organise Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2020 Form to schedule LCCC created
2020-01 meeting
Eugene Work with OSM India to become a Local Chapter Some feedback received
2020-02 meeting
Maggie, Clifford Support the development of microcosm Ongoing
2020-02 meeting
Maggie Provide easy-to-use welcoming tool Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
Ben Update OSM website to allow messaging from groups to OSM users Ongoing
2020-04 meeting
All OSMF + LC membership scheme Not yet started
2020-06 meeting
Eugene User group affiliation model Not yet started
All Sign NDA with the OSMF Ongoing Internal OSMF communication related to Local Chapters Survey

Focus items

Per the Terms of Reference, WG members should work on the focus items.

Building local community cohesion

microcosm (GL#7)

  • Updates: Brian working on it but development is slow.
  • Next step: Maggie to check in with Brian.

Welcoming new mappers (GL#8)

  • Maggie and Joost still trying to set up a meeting.

OSM website feature to allow messaging from groups to OSM users (GL#9)

  • No updates.

Facilitating a global exchange of ideas

Comparison of OSM websites (GL#1)

  • Next step: Eugene to follow-up with Joost.

SotM 2020 (GL#3)

Local Chapters and Communities Congress (LCCC) (GL#10)

  • Maggie had previously informed the WG that several responses have been received so far on the LCCC form.
  • Next step: WG to decide on the final date soon.
  • Next step: Put up sign-up/registration form.
  • For further discussion: Accommodating various time zones. Topics to be discussed. Homework to be done.

Improving the Local Chapters affiliation scheme

Local Chapters survey (GL#2)

  • Next step: Clifford to send the link to the summarised results again to the LCCWG mailing list while WG members review the results.
  • Next step: Clifford to draft two set of recommendations: for WG and for OSMF.
  • Deadline to finish this in September.

Working with OSM India (GL#5)

  • Eugene has chatted with Naveen, Jinal, and Arun. One of the suggestions received was for OSMF to offer a user group model of affiliation.
  • Eugene created GitLab ticket #12; see agenda item below.

OSMF membership + LC membership (GL#11)

  • Maggie created this ticket with the following description: "Discussion about membership of OSMF and LCs. Asking community members to be members of both may not be the most sustainable path. Is there a different way to approach this? Why do we have members? Initial thoughts include changing the requirements to vote, improving coordination with the OSMF - maybe through joint membership or some kind of fee structure."
  • Eugene: OSMF's Active Contributor Membership scheme should alleviate the double payment problem in case people want to join both OSMF and the Local Chapter.
  • Maggie and Rob: Having a combined payment scheme might be an avenue to consider.
  • Eugene: OSMF and LC are independent orgs so having tied membership might pose a problem. This may be solved by having really clear messaging.
  • Rob: OSMF can possibly provide Local Chapters with a hosted CiviCRM service.
  • Next step: Eugene to start conversation with MWG.

User group affiliation model (GL#12)

  • Eugene created this ticket to talk about setting up a user group affiliation model for the OSMF as a lighter alternative to the current Local Chapter affiliation scheme.
  • Clifford is planning to talk with the Wikimedia Foundation's Affiliations Committee (AffCom).
  • Eugene explained WMF's user group scheme. (Relevant info page)
  • Geoffrey shared OSM Uganda's experience in applying to become an OSMF Local Chapter.
  • Rob shared OSM UK's experience in applying to become an OSMF Local Chapter.
  • WG agrees in principle to pursue developing this affiliation model. No next steps yet.

Next meeting

Next meeting will be on August 17 (third Monday) at 15:00 UTC using Mumble. Eugene will send a calendar invite.

Meeting ended at 16:09 UTC.