Global ban of user geocodec

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The Data Working Group, moderators of the Austrian channel on Discourse, and forums governance team have independently agreed on a resolution to ban geocodec aka beautifulplaces from the OpenStreetMap project. The resolution is primarily based on a history of repeated ban evasion across multiple platforms and using ban evasion and account deletion to make harmful edits difficult to review, but this user's history includes

  • harassing users;
  • repeated edits that harm OpenStreetMap;
  • repeatedly creating accounts, editing, and deleting accounts in an attempt to make his changes difficult to review;
  • threatening to harass users via their employers;
  • repeated ban evasion on; and
  • repeated ban evasion on the community forum.

In accordance with the project-wide suspension and ban policy user geocodec aka beautifulplaces is now banned from the entire project. The user has used many usernames to evade bans, and this ban applies to this user regardless of username.

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