CWG meeting 2021-01-15

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CWG Jan Meeting 2021/01/15


  • Rebecca
  • Rory
  • Pete
  • Ben
  • Tobias
  • Ilya
  • Jinal
  • Chris
  • Andrew


Goals for the group

Sync on the group remit and activities. is pretty good, could use a light update IMO. Focusing on the outward communication of OSMF makes sense. CWG can align with overall OSMF efforts – growing awareness of OSM, generating more volunteers in OSM and OSMF, supporting growth of local community, and technical sustainability. To achieve this, a number of lines of activities…

  • facilitate regular series of posts along these themes – both writing ourselves and engaging with groups (the Persons with Disabilities group really responded to this!). I like to think of these as campaigns – not just single posts, but a series emphasizing key points over time.
  • support local chapters and communities with their comms needs – stickers :) – and other ways for them to connect locally and with the global community
  • – long overdue for rethink on how this is organized and who it serves (the community!)

Notes from meeting

  • “What we do” are activites but what’s the purpose and goals? why is CWG doing what it’s doing?
  • make OSM more known
  • align with OSMF goals (OSMF board currently working on the articulation of this)
  • make goals as simple as possible – set of words that define purposes (“visibility”, “outreach” – growth, “clarity” – explain what’s unclear about OSM)
  • external communication (raising awareness) vs internal communication (OSM mappers)
  • reach more local communities and chapters, and communicate to different parts of OSM


  • Jinal/Pete to prepare a draft of goals / objectives


How do we work as a group? Should we use the CWG GitHub repo to track more effectively, or move to GitLab?

The OSMF wiki pages need update. Current / lapsed members and translators. Description of the process to join the CWG along with standard questions we want to ask.

It’s not always clear who does what when responding to people who want to join CWG, approving and welcoming new members. Let’s make sure we are welcoming and not discouraging people who want to join.

We could benefit from a clear workflow for writing responses to incoming questions and requests (e.g. to press@). Some people never got a reply from us, I sometimes wonder if someone else is already working on it, etc. This might tie into Dorothea’s earlier initiative that produced the “email responding guide” and the “Canned Responses” topic.

Should we institute rotation to monitor press@?

Meeting Notes

  • Any responses should cc CWG@
  • Let’s work on canned responses
  • Drop a note in IRC to say that I’ve seen the question and will respond
    • didn’t know there is an IRC
  • press@ and cwg@ the same? they are
  • GitLab … let’s move there


  • Create GitLab repo and send instructions – Mikel
  • Canned responses. could link to public resource. Pull it together to be human. GitLab has a wiki. – Ilya, Andrew
  • OSMF Wiki refresh –
  • Join process – Tobias will start a draft which describe the process
  • Join IRC – all (how?) Ben will figure it out and write it up. OSM Wiki has some instructions for Matrix.
  • Make gitlab account - all

Content pipeline

We’ve talked about a few posts. Let’s make sure we get these out!

  • Biden maps – I don’t think we’ll be able to polish before end of year, so let’s do in January [Ben: With a minor change to the first paragraph, we could aim to publish on Biden’s inauguration day.]’s-Ancestors-contributed-to-OpenStreetMap-Ben-Draft-2
  • 100 million changesets coming soon!
  • We’ve been asked by OWG to post on Fastly supporting OSM infrastructure
  • Building on that, we have a draft post about volunteering in OWG based on my Q/A with Ian
  • Interesting to work on some content around microgrant progress / results / learnings as it’s an OSMF investment?
  • Why should your chapter become a local chapter?
  • CyclOSM layer
  • International Women’s Day
  • has lots of ideas for seasonal/holiday/“World X Day” posts [For a list of world days:]

Meeting notes

  • Some are timely posts, some are evergreen. Good to focus and draft ahead
  • LC discussion was in response to an active community discussion
  • Can start to align communications to objectives


  • Fastly – Ilya / Mikel
  • 100 million changesets – currently at 97.5 million – Ben
  • IWD post – Rebecca
  • Organize content pipeline – Mikel

More content

Other regular posts: when new official chapters join, seasonal posts, promoting local SOTMs, etc. Some ideas are here

More activity on the OSM wiki, Twitter, Facebook and other official OSMF accounts

  • For example, @openstreetmap has tweeted 3 times in the last two months [Ben: Who in the group is on social media all the time already? Also, we could give bloggers templates for social media posts and make the creation of a Facebook post and a few Tweets an expected part of the process.]
  • Post any new blog posts to the News section of the front page of

Would be nice to share official blog posts regularly with press/media/tech blogs

  • We have an old list of PR contacts here, would be good to update and use it going forward

Meeting notes

  • Ilya has access
  • Using GroupTweet, there’s something better - may be one option
  • Twitter now supports posting rights sharing to another account
  • Coordination of who has access to the Twitter
  • We use Facebook, Twitter. Mastadon (rory pays, maybe osmf should pay). LinkedIn? Instagram
  • Need some collective guidance on how to get messages out
  • Harry Wood has the master account
  • Content on social is to amplify content from our blog and elsewhere – Tobias will share a link
  • Press outreach before was random, didn’t get picked up.


  • Ben will look at stock taking social media, and drafting editorial guidance

Canned Responses

It would be good to have some canned responses to common emails we get, like people asking to use OSM for books, TV, movies, news articles etc., people complaining about data, and so on. [Ben: we could also create (if we don’t have them already) auto-replies for Facebook, Twitter, etc, directing them to the email account, funneling all requests and questions to one location to make management easier.]

Other ideas

We talked about an official OSMF shop with shirts, stickers etc that people can buy as a way to support the project

  • Need to find a store/vendor that can print on demand and handle shipping internationally
  • NOTE: Related question from the Missing Maps London community on OSM branded merch - they are working on something similar to the above. [Pete]
  • Would be nice to sell previous SOTM and regional SOTM shirt designs
  • Could crowdsource other designs or products from the community

Random question… Saw a conversation in the OWG about upgrading / developing OSM comms infrastructure ( - is this something that the CWG contributes to? If I understand correctly it opens space for contributors using a wider variety of communications means… [Pete]