Commitment to Open Communication Channels

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

The OSMF board has made a commitment on behalf of the Foundation that essential communications will always be accessible through an open, preferably self-hosted platform. They may be published on proprietary channels as well, but only in addition to an open channel.

For the purpose of this commitment, essential communications include:

  • Publications or consultations by the board, working groups (WGs), committees or other Foundation bodies.
  • Communications mandated by OSMF policies/guidelines/frameworks and similar documents.
  • Anything related to how the OSMF is governed, such as Annual General Meetings (AGMs) and elections.

By open platforms, we mean those that are accessible through open-source software and open protocols, and do not require an account at a third-party service to access. (Read-only public access is sufficient for one-way publications, but not two-way communications.)

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