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If you're looking for the minutes of the previous public board meeting in June, they're here.

Location: Video room at
using BigBlueButton.

Date and time: Thursday, 14 July 2022 - Countdown

Please note that this board video chat was not open to observers.

Page for preliminary agenda and minutes.



Board members

  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Jean-Marc Liotier
  • Mikel Maron
  • Roland Olbricht
  • Tobias Knerr

Officers and board

Not Present

  • Amanda McCann
  • Guillaume Rischard


Not open to observers.

Suggested by Guillaume Rischard.

Deferred to next mid-month board chat.

Treasurer's report review

Suggested by Tobias Knerr.

Membership prerequisites survey

Suggested by Tobias Knerr.

Guidance for monthly community presentations

Suggested by Mikel Maron.

Request for more Dorothea hours for State of the Map 2022

Suggested by Mikel Maron.

Operations Working Group Budget request

Suggested by Mikel Maron.

Next meeting

Public board meeting on Thursday, 28 July 2022, 13:00 UTC (countdown) at