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Brussels, 2019-05-18 and 2019-05-19
Related blogpost by Joost Schouppe

The meeting was facilitated by Allen Gunn.


Board members

  • Kate Chapman
  • Tobias Knerr
  • Heather Leson
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Joost Schouppe


  • Allen Gunn (facilitator)
  • Dorothea (administrative assistant)


Incomplete list.


  • Intro by Gunner.
  • Priorities per member and desired outcomes.
  • Diagrams of OSM-related words per member (+community).
  • Views of OSM/OSMF, listing what is: working well/ working/ working less well/ not working. Split into two groups and find what board members agree/disagree on. Switch groups. Find common.
  • Parallel sessions: 1) Communication 2) Membership.
  • Discussion about Dorothea's role.


  • Poll of what board members want to concentrate on.
  • Things learned so far.
  • Parallel sessions: 1) Communication/ Working groups 2) Articles of Association.
  • Outcomes.
  • Discussion about board transitioning.
  • Discussion about Dorothea's role.
  • Discussion about GDPR.
  • Discussion about Microgrants.
  • Check out.

Topics overview


  • Views on OpenStreetMap (working well/ working/ working less well/ not working).
  • Views on OpenStreetMap Foundation (working well/ working/ working less well/ not working).
  • Agreement (or not) on views of OSM/F universe.

Working groups

  • Questions to ask Working Groups.
  • Questions for former WG members.
  • Best practices/ categories to document.
WG practices
  • Existing undocumented practices.
  • New Practices?

Support and grow Working Groups

  • Issues / Challenges.
  • Possible next steps.

WGs will be approached by the board, initially with some questions.

AoA changes

Suggested changes to Articles of Association, related to membership and board terms.

  • Levers (now/ soon/ think for later/ maybe not).
  • Threats / Take-over scenarios.

The suggested AoA changes aim to (amongst others):

  • Give the Membership Working Group (MWG) and the board more time to investigate any unusual signup patterns.
  • Make it less attractive for people to join just because a particular issue is on the AGM agenda.
  • Make it more difficult for an organisation to control the OSMF by having their own representatives elected to board positions.
  • Increase the membership base.
  • Streamline the board terms and term limits.

The MWG will be notified about the plans and feedback will be asked, when the suggested changes have taken a more final form.

Community communications + engagement

  • For communication in OSM to work well, these things must be true.
  • What is reality now? Strength and weakness.
  • Actions.


Board transitioning

  • Discussion about who will step down at the next board elections and a related announcement, so that members can start thinking about nominations.

Related to proposed AoA changes (list of changes not finalised yet).

Local Chapters

  • Looking at current applications.


  • Subgroup which will pick this up.


  • Remaining actions.

Dorothea's role

  • Possibility of increasing hours and discussions with and without Dorothea being present.

Action items

Topic Action Item Bottom liner(s) Comments
1 Board terms/ Roles/ Announcement Write announcement and communication plan Kate
2 Dorothea’s role Write job description Kate
3 GDPR Complete and share job description Fred/Heather
4 Microgrants Subgroup meet to finalise plan Joost with Mikel
5 Working Groups WG documentation plan/ WG engage/survey Mikel/Joost Heather to support
6 Local chapter applications Follow up with LWG/Board Heather with Dorothea
7 Articles of Association / Bylaws Draft “soon” group of changes for “now” communications and summarise future steps/issues Fred Kate will review
8 Community communications + engagement Survey methodology Mikel
9 Community engagement blogpost Heather Mikel will help
10 F2F blog post Joost
11 Pre-meeting survey Take feedback to developers that is about software Paul
? “Big picture” - OSM/F universe “working/not working”