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Location: Mumble, 2016-06-17


Board members

  • Peter Barth
  • Martijn van Exel
  • Mikel Maron (joined at minutes)
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Ilya Zverev (joined at minutes)
  • Kate Chapman


Open to public

Not Present


Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions

2016/7: Accept the proposed membership working group scope

One of the foundation Working Groups, the Membership Working Group is charged with

  • Administering the membership database
  • Answering routine membership queries
  • Increasing OSMF Membership

It is not charged with

  • Membership of Local Chapters
  • Corporate members

Accepted 2016-06-13 with ultimately 7 votes in favour.

Previous action items

2016-01-08: Paul to take on setting up membership WG (Done)
2016-02-09: Frederik to respond to OSMF-talk budget question (Done)
2016-03-25: Kate to ask companies not yet corporate members why they aren't (Done)
2016-03-25: Frederik to start circular on budget when ready (Done)
2016-04-27: Frederik to add note to budget about paypal fees (Done)
2016-04-27: Kate to ask Francis about legal impediments to publicly recorded votes (Done)
2016-04-27: Paul to resend public vote research he had done last year
2016-05-28: Paul to post pictures to drive (Done)
2016-05-28: Paul to review notes for unclaimed action items
2016-05-28: Paul to put out call for EWG volunteers
2016-05-28: Paul to create action items from "I will" F2F notes (Done)
2016-05-28: Paul talk to Kate about thematic LCs
2016-05-28: Peter to reach out to WGs and collect minutes/input for next board meeting (Done)
2016-05-28: Peter/Mikel to draft Open Source policy from outline (Done)
2016-05-28: Martijn to investigate best practices for Advisory Boards & make a proposal
2016-05-28: Martijn to find someone to work with to distill action items and next steps for diversity objectives
2016-05-28: Mikel to support revitilization of CWG
2016-05-28: Mikel to share notes on LC discussion
2016-05-28: Mikel to assist recruitment & hiring admin assistant
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to do second round interviews for admin position
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to draft diversity policy
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to revise reframe/finalize corporate membership policy
2016-05-28: Kate to lead hiring process
2016-05-28: Kate to post job ad elsewhere
2016-05-28: Ilya to compile a draft of an OSMF monthly newsletter from WG & board minutes
2016-05-28: Ilya to present an Engineering Committee draft to the Board
2016-05-28: Ilya to ask LWG for up-to-date list of trademarks
2016-05-28: Ilya to present proposal to open the membership register
2016-05-28: Ilya to elaborate on and possibly find local OSMF ambassadors
2016-05-28: Frederik to prepare 2016 funding drive
2016-05-28: Frederik/Paul to prepare rules of order change + transparency doc from transparency session

Advisory boards

Started. Kathleen may have some notes from advisory board work done last year.

Working Groups

Membership working group

The MWG is a new WG.


Rob N from WG present

Event insurance

Event insurance ~500 gbp. Rob to send event insurance details to frederik. No board action required, just treasurer action

Corporate sponsorship


Item involving poitential legal action over trademark deferred to a non-public meeting


CWG is looking for more people and updating its member list. Harry Wood is doing most of the work, with some help from translators.

Collective Database Guideline

The LWG has sent the guideline to the board for approval.

A possible addition suggested by the LWG was the addition of the example

You have a proprietary list of restaurants for a country. You would like to complement your list with the corresponding data from OpenStreetMap removing any duplicate objects in the process. The resulting, combined database would not be covered by this guideline and you would, if the dataset is publicly used, have to consider that your proprietary data may be subject to the ODbL share-alike terms.

The guideline was passed with the addition of the example 7-0.

Donation Drive

Frederik reached out to OWG. They can help with banners/etc

Feedback from OWG was that it's easier to get donations when you can tie the donation drive to a specific hardware need and asking for general expenses is harder.

Fear from potential donors that money not earmarked for a specific area will not be spent well by the board.

Running a yearly timeboxed drive doesn't preclude targeting it at specific needs.

Proceed as planned with fundraising drive.


Tentative plan to lanuch at SOTM, giving an opportunity for an in-person launch. Martijn to create ticket to track tasks for starting a donation drive.

Admin help

17 applications at close Spreadsheet created for tracking

Next phase is initial interviews. Kate may not be able to do some interviews as she knows/is related to some applicants.

Using gdoc for organization and to allow access to only board members and avoid admin help having access in the future.

Next meeting

Decision taken to move to a fixed schedule, Paul to figure out something with Doodle to set when.

Meeting End