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Location: Mumble, 2016-04-27


Board members

  • Peter Barth
  • Martijn van Exel
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Ilya Zverev
  • Kate Chapman (joined at action items)


Not Present


Previous minutes



Circular Resolutions


Previous action items

2016-01-08: Paul to take on setting up membership WG
2016-02-09: Frederik to respond to OSMF-talk budget question
2016-03-25: Mikel to send out admin help email (Done)
2016-03-25: Kate to send email to osmf-talk@ asking for feedback on corporate membership plan (Done)
2016-03-25: Kate to ask companies not yet corporate members why they aren't
2016-03-25: Frederik to send a small budget update (Done)
2016-03-25: Frederik to start circular on budget when ready

Membership WG

Paul and peter sent emails to osmf-talk@ today, some feedback

OSMF-talk budget question

Frederik to respond when next budget sent

Companies not yet corporate members

Some asked, will ask more.

Budget plan

Discussion about fundraiser

  • People not very interested in fundraising without a specific objective
  • OWG has run past fundraising

What are we looking at for corporate membership income?

Budget passed 7-0

Frederik to add small note about paypal fees

F2F meeting


  • Two rooms in that building
  • Ilya waiting for confirmation on airbnb, if he doesn’t get that will email and take 2nd room at facility, otherwise frederik will take it
  • Social event with community on sat at pub-like setting, board dinner friday. Martijn to arrange both
  • Board members to fill out table on wiki with travel details


Mikel talking to Gunner, arranging introductions this or next week to talk to him about planning agenda, talk through goals, vision for the f2f.

  • Okay to talk internal board business with Gunner

Tentative plan to decide on an in-person facilitator in two weeks, Mikel to check with Gunner that allows enough time for travel arrangements

Public votes

  • Kate to ask Francis about legal impediments to publicly recorded votes
  • Paul to resend research he had done last year


Admin position

  • Misunderstanding on osmf-talk@ about list of tasks that might be part of the job, is there a way to improve clarity
  • Where is the right place to post the job?
    • Internal channels
    • Osmf wiki
    • Osm blog
  • Need to set up email to recieve applications, etc
  • Post first internally, then follow up external posts

External posting? Few places that non-profits post to

Vote to proceed with posting passed 6-1

Public meeting

Idea of having a public meeting ~2 wks after F2F


Discussion of dissatisfaction with current bank

Next meeting

F2F in ~1 month

Meeting End