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12th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Date: 15 December 2018
Place: IRC chat room #osmf-gm on the IRC network

Board Members

  • Kate Chapman (wonderchook) [Chairperson]
  • Frederik Ramm (woodpeck) [Treasurer]
  • Martijn van Exel (mvexel) [Secretary]
  • Mikel Maron (mkl)
  • Heather Leson (heatherleson)
  • Peter Barth (peda)
  • Paul Norman (pnorman)

Other Foundation Members

This list includes both normal and associate members:

Alan McConchie, Andrew Hain, Christine Karch, David Morais Ferreira, Derick Rethans, Donal Hunt, Dorothea Kazazi , Eugene Alvin Villar, Frank Durstewitz, Guillaume Rischard, Harry Wood, Ilya Zverev, Jerry Clough, Jo Walsh, Joern Heissler, Joost Schouppe, Joseph Reeves, Klaus-Peter Herrmann, Manfred Reiter, Manfred Stock, Michael Reichert, Nelson A. de Oliveira, Nicolas Chavent, Peter Schwindt, Philip Barnes, Raphael Das Gupta, Rory McCann, Samaila Alio Mainassara, Santiago Crespo, Severin Menard, Steve Friedl, Tim Waters, Tobias Knerr, Vincent Privat, Walter Nordmann, Wolfgang Nicklich, Yves Cainaud

(37 non-board foundation members - for a total of 44 attendees who are members)


Doug Freed, Grant Slater, Richard Fairhurst, Roman Neumüller, Betaslb, OSM (~Adium@pool-**-***-***-*** 23), AndroUser2 (~androirc@***-***-*-**

Meeting Start

The meeting commences at 16:00 UTC and voting closes.


Kate links the agenda.

Minutes of the last Meeting

Last year's minutes were accepted.

Chairperson's report

The Chairperson's report is linked.

Kate asks if there were any questions and says that questions can also be asked later on the diary or on osmf-talk. No questions are asked.

Treasurer's report

The Treasurer's report is linked.
Very good financially:

  • Huge pineapple fund and second large bitcoin donation in 2018 (saved for i.e. microgrants)
  • Corporate membership income and normal membership income pay for our regular expenses.
  • Income from the State of the Map conference - but we don't count on that.

Frederik asks if there were any questions, and says that questions can also be asked later on osmf-talk or by contacting him directly.

  • Brief discussion about Working Group budgets.
  • First year we had an auditor, Thomas Barris.
  • If we had a donation drive (which we didn't due to the Pineapple fund) it would be about £40-50k.

Election to the Board

There are 7 candidates competing for 2 seats.
The number of voters is 754 and there are 478 valid votes and 19 empty votes.

Counting votes using Scottish STV.

Results confirmation
The results from the OpaVote platform were double checked by Steve Friedl ( Membership Working Group) using OpenSTV.

Candidates Tobias Knerr and Joost Schouppe are elected.

Any other business

GDPR related questions

Where can someone read more about the rationale of the GDPR changes?

The API needs changes, did you find anyone to perform the work?

> The board has not yet had any takers for the necessary changes and will have to intensify the search for someone to implement them.

Can the OSMF be subject of legal consequences?

> Someone could sue OSMF for privacy issues but that would have been possible long before GDPR as well. board generally takes the view that as long as we're "working on it" we're good.

Thanks to

Martijn van Exel and Peter Barth, whose terms on the Board ended.
Geoffrey Kateregga, Guillaume Rischard, Jo Walsh, Miriam Gonzalez and Nuno Caldeira for being nominees.
Steve Friedl, who checked the Opavote results.
Members of the Foundation, for attending.

Meeting End

The meeting closes at 16:38 UTC


The meeting was conducted over IRC.
IP addresses have been obfuscated.

16:00 wonderchook: Hello Everyone, it is 16:00 UTC and time to open the 2018 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.
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16:00 Derick: rorym: TIL.
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16:00 wonderchook: If you have not already if you could please message dorothea with your name so your attendance can be noted and added to the meeting minutes
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16:01 wonderchook: we are about to close the voting so if you haven't voted and intend to or having issues please let us know
16:02 * derFred (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:02 wonderchook: (those who just joined message dorothea your name so you are noted in the attendance for the minutes)
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16:03 * woodpeck gives channel operator status to mkl
16:03 wonderchook: and the polls are closed
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16:04 wonderchook: while the election is being certified we will go through the rest of the agenda
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16:04 wonderchook: as a reminder you can find the agenda here:
16:05 wonderchook: first up is approving the minutes of the last meeting:
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16:05 peda: motion to accept
16:05 heatherleson: second
16:06 wonderchook: the minutes from the 2017 AGM are accepted
16:06 wonderchook: here is the Chairperson's report:
16:07 wonderchook: feel free to ask questions here or comment on the diary or on the OSMF-talk list. The reported is presented at this meeting but discussion can continue of course
16:07 * SeverinGeo (~androirc@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:07 mvexel: thanks for the report Kate
16:08 mvexel: and thanks for another year of service as chairperson
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16:09 wonderchook: next up is the Treasurer's report, woodpeck please go ahead
16:09 heatherleson: Thanks to Peda and mvexel for their years of service too
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16:10 woodpeck: so i've put the report on the wiki here:
16:10 woodpeck:
16:10 woodpeck: the "long story short" is that we're very good financially;
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16:10 woodpeck: corporate membership income and normal membership income pay for our regular expenses
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16:10 * RichardF (~RichardF@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:10 woodpeck: and of course we had a huge pineapple fund donation in 2018,
16:11 woodpeck: which we're not using towards regular expenses but saving for things like the micro grant programme which is being started.
16:11 woodpeck: the state of the map conference also provides a comfortable income but we're trying not to "count" on that
16:12 woodpeck: because with big events you never know there's many things can go wrong.
16:12 woodpeck: the report links to detailed financial numbers as well and i'm happy to take questions
16:12 woodpeck: either here or on the osmf-talk list.
16:12 pnorman: Are WGs managing to spend their allocated budget? If a WG spends less by finding savings it's good, but if they spend less because they're not getting done what they had planned it's a concern.
16:13 woodpeck: pnorman, WGs are rarely even managing to *ask* for a budget. for 2018, i believe only LWG has actually asked for one,
16:13 woodpeck: and spend (off the top of my head) about 3/4 of it but id' have to check.
16:13 woodpeck: i assigned a "same as previous year" budget to OWG because they didn't submit one,
16:13 Stereo: Will the WGs get a reminder that they can and should ask for a budget? I know MWG didn't really have it on the radar.
16:13 woodpeck: and their spending remained well below.
16:13 peda: CWG has asked in 2018 and in 2019 as well :P
16:14 woodpeck: true, peda, I forgot about that but your budget is so small it almost doesn't count ;)
16:14 heatherleson: ok, so good to know for planning in 2019
16:14 * OSM (~Adium@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:14 peda: Not a question but a note re finances: I find it great that this was the first year we had an auditor and I hope this will be established in the next years as well. Big thanks to Thomas for that.
16:14 woodpeck: stereo, i've sent round an email to all working groups but will repeat it.
16:14 donal: +1
16:14 * chippy (~chippy@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:14 woodpeck: yes, i am also happy if someone cross-checks what I do.
16:14 pnorman: DWG also asked for a budget of zero
16:15 woodpeck: if someone here would be interested in doing the audit for 2018, please message me.
16:15 Stereo: Yes, thanks Thomas for his thorough work and good report.
16:15 Nakaner: woodpeck: I have a question about the donation drive.
16:15 donal: do working groups need help with estimating project / operational expenses. It's a learnt skill and having a helping hand helps for sure.
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16:16 woodpeck: nakaner, go ahead? donal, most WGs simply cannot think of stuff to spend money on.
16:16 Nakaner: You wrote that the OSMF would have run a donation drive this year if we had not received the donation by Pinapple Fund. Which amount would you have tried to get?
16:16 woodpeck: nobody had discussed that. typically, donation drives were about something like £40-50k.
16:16 pnorman: I don't get the impression from WGs I'm on that there are problems estimating, it's problems budgeting and spending it
16:17 woodpeck: donation drives work best if tied to a particular purchase or event. we haven't discussed whether to hold one in 2019.
16:18 wambacher: mode/#osmf-gm [+o mkl]
16:18 Nakaner: thank you
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16:19 woodpeck: i think that closes the treasurer's report.
16:20 mvexel: thanks woodpeck
16:20 wonderchook: next up is the election results. dorothea?
16:20 heatherleson: Thanks for this
16:20 mvexel: hi all
16:20 mvexel: as secretary let me announce the results of the election to board
16:21 wonderchook: sorry mvexel, your last duty and I skipped you :)
16:21 mvexel: 681 out of 1041 eligible members cast their ballots
16:21 * Samaila (~Samaila@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:21 mvexel: Newly elected to the board are Tobias Knerr and Joost Schouppe
16:21 Nakaner: congratulations!
16:21 Stereo: Congratulations
16:22 donal: gratz!
16:22 joostschouppe: oh dear :)
16:22 heatherleson: Congratulations to Tobias and Joost. Thank you to all the candidates
16:22 AndrewHain: Well done
16:22 peda: congratulations
16:22 Tordanik: Wow. :)
16:22 vt100[m]: There goes all the spare time...
16:22 don-vip: congratulations!
16:22 mkl: haha congrats
16:22 c_nicolas: Congrats
16:22 zool: congrats to both and thanks to all current members
16:22 rorym: Congrats.
16:22 pnorman: I'll be contacting you soon with account information and other paperwork
16:22 mkl: HOT US Inc -- we have to wait to next year to assert our dominance over OSMF
16:22 heatherleson: And thanks to Michael C, SJFriedl and Dorothea for their contribution
16:22 kphklaus: congratulation
16:22 mkl: oops wrong channel
16:22 mkl: :P
16:23 zool: too soon
16:23 woodpeck: and thanks everyone NOT elected for standing this year.
16:23 mvexel: thanks to MWG for their work on organizing the elections
16:23 mvexel: and congratulations to the elected Directors
16:23 woodpeck: maybe again next year? it occasional takes a good board member several tries ;)
16:23 wonderchook: it did take me a few tries
16:23 mvexel: and thanks to the other candidates for running
16:24 mvexel: this is my last official duty as wonderchook mentioned, thank you for having me on the board the past 3 years
16:25 joostschouppe: thanks for your service martijn
16:25 rorym: Can't want to
16:25 mkl: @mvexel @peda really it's been a pleasure to serve with you
16:25 seav: I suppose OSM Belgium will appoint another person to take over Joost's place on the AB?
16:25 rorym: Can't wait to see the full results and nerd over the transfers and counts
16:25 Nakaner: me too
16:25 mvexel: these will be made available shortly
16:25 wonderchook: unless there are questions I suggest we move to any other business
16:25 dorothea: emails with the results have been sent to everyone that has voted
16:26 harry-wood: lol @ mkl
16:26 mvexel: SJFriedl independently confirmed the results, thanks for that
16:26 SJFriedl: the MWG exists only to serve :-)
16:26 mvexel: that's it for the election results
16:27 wonderchook: okay next up Any Other Business
16:27 don-vip: I have questions about GDPR
16:27 * iknowjoseph ( has joined
16:27 heatherleson: Thanks again @peda and @mvexel
16:27 wonderchook: I would like to personally thank peda and mvexel for their time on the board and congratulations to our new board members
16:28 wonderchook: heatherleson woodpeck mkl pnorman looking forward to another year with you all
16:28 SK53: I would like to move a motion to thank the DWG for their work during the year.
16:28 wonderchook: don-vip what is your question?
16:28 * vt100[m] (~vt100macl@***.***.***.***) has left (User left)
16:28 heatherleson: likewise. I am sure that Tobias and Joost will have much to contribute
16:28 don-vip: What is the current situation with it? The API needs changes, did you find anyone to perform the work? Can the OSMF be subject of legal consequences until we're all good?
16:29 * Betaslb (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has left
16:29 Wulf: About those GDPR changes, where can I read more about them their their rationale?
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16:29 * derFred_ (~oftc-webi@***.***.***.***) has joined
16:29 zool: seconded SK53
16:30 don-vip: +1 SK53
16:30 Samaila: Congrats to newly elected to the board
16:30 woodpeck: wulf, is a good starting point
16:31 woodpeck: don-vip, the board has not yet had any takers for the necessary changes and will have to intensify the search for someone to implement the changes.
16:32 woodpeck: legal consequences - that is a very vague question. someone could sue OSMF for privacy issues but that would have been possible long before GDPR as well. board generally takes the view that as long as we're "working on it" we're good,
16:32 Wulf: woodpeck: thankyou
16:33 Nakaner: Wulf: LWG wrote a whitepaper about GDPR and OSM earlier this year. THis is the link to the draft: (Attention! Link to Google)
16:33 heatherleson: we have a board meeting on Dec. 20th. we can prioritize this perhaps
16:33 woodpeck: but of course we can't be "working on it" for five years ;)
16:33 donal: would it be too much to ask to get updates on progress periodically. There are 7 actions called out in the paper and it's not clear the current status.
16:33 don-vip: woodpeck thank you
16:33 mvexel: donal: we have it on the board agenda most months
16:33 donal: oh excellent.
16:34 derFred_: Congratulations to the newly elected members of the board. Thanks to the candidates. Many thanks to everyone who made OSM move forward last year. Special thanks to @Dorothea, who (although paid a little bit) does much more than her salary would allow.
16:34 mvexel: so the minutes are a good source for updates
16:34 * dooley has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:34 heatherleson: Yes, @dorothea has been incredible. She deserves thanks
16:35 derFred_: And - of course - many thanks to everyone who volunteered for OSM.
16:37 * derFred has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
16:37 wonderchook: any other business? Or should someone motion to close the meeting?
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16:38 woodpeck: i motion to close the meeting!!!!!
16:38 mvexel: second
16:38 woodpeck: phew ;)
16:39 mvexel: ha
16:39 Derick: zzZzZZzzZ
16:39 wonderchook: and that closes the 2018 AGM. Thank you all!
16:39 heatherleson: thanks everyone for joining
16:39 heatherleson: hope you have a good day
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16:39 mvexel: thanks everyone for your continued interest in OSMF
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16:39 mvexel: and for being a member