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We are OpenStreetMap volunteers involved in communicating the work of the Foundation and related news, through official channels, in different languages. We

We collaborate with the OSMF Communication Working Group and other OSMF working groups.


We currently have team members who can translate in the languages below.

Join us

We are looking for volunteers even for some of the listed languages, as some of us are taking breaks from translating :)

Interested in joining? Please email with subject: Helping with translations in [your language], to mainly translate posts on

Help other projects

You can also consider helping weeklyOSM with translations. WeeklyOSM is a project independent of the OSM Foundation that provides weekly OpenStreetMap news in several languages.

See also the Translations page on the OSM wiki.

Who we are

Members Languages
Alessandro Sarretta Italian
Andrii Holovin Ukrainian
Antidius Kawamala Swahili
Davide Ferracin Italian
DBegin Dutch, French
Dennis Raylin Chen Chinese
Diego Pozzati Italian
Ebrahim Hasanzadeh Persian
Eduardo Addad de Oliveira Portuguese (Brazil)
Emilie Laffray French
Eugene Russian
Georges Kuster Dutch, French
Hwang Dongha Korean
Hrvoje Bogner Croatian
Ilya Zverev Russian
IvanSanchez Spanish
Juan Arellano Valdivia Spanish
Kokou Elolo AMEGAYIBO French
Miguel Guisantes Galician
Marc French
Mateusz Bartczak Polish
Michael Schulze German
Nerijus Šalkauskas Lithuanian
Oliver German
Pacha Tchernof Russian
PeachyOne Greek
Peter Barth German
Satoshi Iida Japanese
SeverinGeo French
Shu Higashi Japanese
Tobias Knerr German
Tobias Mieves German
Yasser Althuwaini Arabic