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GPSToGo Revamp Jan/Feb 2011

Rather than focusing on economic status and hardware distribution, we need to request more from applicants; how will these devices help their work in OSM and more generally in the use of OSM in particular society serving projects? We also need to keep better track of recipients and set expectations for the use and communication from their use. Right now, we don't acutally have an easy list of all recipients. We need to be more transparent in all aspects of the programme. Releasing as much information on the wiki as we can.


  • General: Interaction with other initiatives
    • Task: Discuss with HOT & document guidelines (if any) for use of GPSToGo units in HOT active areas
    • Task: Look into use with civil society applications
  • General: Be more transparent & accountable
    • Task: Gather & publish on the wiki names for administrators of the scheme with a contact email
      • Status: Added samlarsen1 but need to gather a few more names & put the new email addresses there samlarsen1 20:59, 10 February 2011 (UTC)
    • Task: Set up a mailing list for administrators & participants, perhaps one discuss and one announce, membership on announce would be mandatory.
  • Application Process: Define additional information that we expect from applicants.
    • Task: Provide section/page on the wiki explaining more about the application process (timescales, contact etc...)
    • Task: Provide a template or past example of an application
  • Application Process: Be more transparent with the application process
    • Task: Criteria for choosing - we should clearly document how the choices are made
  • Monitoring Use: We need to have guidelines/examples of use which can be monitored
    • Task: Publish guidelines for feaure & changeset source tags to allow visualisation/rendering of contributed data
    • Task: In time, set up a specific renderer of current uploaded data in OSM
  • Monitoring Use: Closer monitoring of & feedback from recipeints
    • Task: Provide guidelines/timelines for regular reports from recipients
    • Task: Publish list of recipients (with OSM username links) & their active status
  • Distribution: Elaborate on distribution methods
    • Task: Document advice on distribution (it's often an issue to get the units into the country without huge duty charges. private friends/courier is often best)
    • Task: Document advice on GPS unit models - possibly leaving choice up to recipient. Mikel: I prefer the eTrex Legend/Vista HCx).
    • Task: Investigate & document findings regarding sourcing & funding for units - which companies can provide units? how much comes in from "subscribers"? other ways to fundraise to donors
    • Task: Investigate communication & promotional materials for GPSToGo donors.
    • Task: Note other materials to send (Books [in PDF] etc..)
  • Funding: Outline funding options & sources
    • Task: Investigate expansion to other donations for hardware, organizational support, event support