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Time and location: 2018-11-08 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Adam Rousell, Christine Karch, Fabian Kowatsch, Marco Minghini, Michael Auer, Melanie Eckle, Michael Reichert, Rafael, Tyler (HOT), tyr_asd, vannicer (HOT), Yair_Grinberger

Guests: Peda

Lead: Christine

Minutes by: Gergory

Cooperation with HOT Summit

  • HOT Summit takes place in Heidelberg before SotM, was announed today
  • Melanie talked to local team of SotM 2016 and about their cooperation with HOT Summit
    • They had joined forces in terms of scholarships and some stuff.

Christine: Do we have common scholars or do we have separate scholars? If the scholarships are separated, are HOT scholars allowed to go to SotM for free and vice versa?


  • Indeed many scholars were enthusiastic that both events happened at the same time and they could join both.
  • Scholarship application was
  • Confusion among HOT speakers in 2016 whether to submit talk for SotM or HOT Summit. There should be guidance. We could think about whether we have one common talk submission.


  • has discussed that with Mikel and decided that we should have everything separated
  • We want to explain in our prospectus what the HOT Summit is and give the email address of HOT Summit there.
  • Everyone can mention the other events and the differences (topic, organiser) in three to five sentences in their prospectus.

Michael: Talk submission should be separated.

vannicer: was complicated at HOT Summit/FOSS4G 2018

Michael: speakers might have the feeling that SotM is a HOT event


Christine: We can share software for submission but selection comitee should be separated, call for papers as well.

Marco: doubts about two different websites pointing to the same submission system, since the two calls are different, the program committees are different, etc.

Michael: two CfP are difficult (and currently not possible) with Pretalx

Tyler: Should talks about humanitarian aspects be submitted to HOT Summit only


  • SotM is open to them as well. They can submit it as well.
  • Selection comittees are separate to avoid conflicts and to increase transparency.
  • Details to be decided by the chair of the SotM programme commitee, not now by us

Melanie: How do we deal with sponsors who want to sponsor both HOT Summit and SotM.


  • We will have two different prospectus. Everyone who is in contact with a potential sponsor, can send them both prospectus.
  • thinks that companies will understand that we have separated budgets

Tyler and vannicer: How to avoid competition?

Christine: We will have a shared list of sponsors.

Michael: Inequalities in funding will be leveled by expenses for scholars because scholars are allowed to attend both events.

Melanie: Will scholarship application and selection be separated between both events?

Michael: have no opinion, each team can pick out their scholars they want to fund

Christine: Don't have both events different groups of people they can/want to fund.

Melanie: Christine:

  • All SotM scholars can visit HOT Summit for free and vice versa.
  • SotM will pay the journey to Heidelberg before HOT Summit for SotM scholars.

Sponsorship proscpectus content

Christine: Tyle and vannicer, we will try to make the best text in our prospectus to you. Could you please have a look at it?

vannicer: how to give feedback?

Christine: either on GitHub or directly into the Etherpad

Melanie: What is the deadline?

Christine: this evening because we decided on it this evening

Michael Auer: we produced a lot of different variants

  • local team is quite happy with the latest proposal we put into the GitHub issue
  • Some minor changes might be still necessary
  • It would be good to decide on the general concept today.

Christine: great

Michael R.: great

Marco: great, likes the motto "bridging the map"

Michael Auer:

  • Adam wrote a short text about the logo and had the idea of the motto
  • has different aspects: filling gaps in the map, bringing people together, the bridge in Heidelberg where the monkey sits

Basic Website

Christine: website draft ( <- this is just a temporary preview page) is nice, too

Michael Auer: did not reinvent the wheel

Christine: domain is not available yet but GitHub repository is

Martin: I worked on website

Michael Auer: Before going online with the first version, what has to be done?

Michael Reichert: not a lot, legal notice and privacy policy is missing, "program" link should be removed. We can talk about details on GitHub.

Michael Auer: Are there any official templates?

Michael Reichert: no, just add the address of the foundation

Michael Auer: flyers is Julian's task

Christine: expects to go online in two weeks, will ask Tom to set up the domain then

Michael Auer: The SotM flyer will have some information and reference to the HOT flyer and vice versa?

Christine: yes

Social event location options

Adam: After visiting the castle, we came to the conclusion that the castle is not that great we tought.

  • Halle 02 is still expensive but it has basically no risks for us. They will organise everything for us.
  • There is a different locations but we have to organise everything ourselves there. We don't know yet how much the rent is there.
  • Is Halle 02 too expensive?

Christine: yes

Michael: yes

Christine: Did you ask the Studentenwerk?


  • They can't answer the request before early next year. That's too late to look for a different location.
  • It is not that nice if we have lunch there all days.

Christine: Is there also a mensa in the city centre.

Adam: last time I checked they answered that they couldn't do it.

someone: they are too small


discussion if the alterantive where we have to organise everything as well

Adam: issue is that we really have to organise everything ourself elsewhere

Christine: seems that Halle 02 is unavoidable. This means that we have to get more sponsors.

Fabian: We can agree that the catle is out of reach. It is too expensive. We will get more information by Halle 02 in the next days.

Christine: We will finally decided on it at the next meeting.

Deciding upon the core-team of the scientific track (Kick-off academic programme committee)

Christine: Marco, explain how you would like to have the academic track.


  • idea is not just to create an academic track for this year but a sustainable solution for the next years as well
  • there was discussions how to structure: abstarct + papers, maybe special issues, …
  • should be decided once we have the core team in place
  • my proposal: we have a core team of four or five people as discussed
  • one person is a representative of the working group (e.g. myself)
  • one person is a representative of the local team. This year we have a great local team.
  • the last two or three people choosen by an open and transparent procedure
  • We may nominated based on their academic value /experience (also on OSM), their editorial experience, the time they have and geographical balance (country/institution, maybe gender)
  • at the end someone mades the choice based on the criteria
  • I think that in one month from now we have a core team or maybe even less.
  • About the deadlines and the schedule: I would like to have the academic track align with the general track because this avoids confusion.
  • In SotM 2018 the deadline for the academic track was later than the general track. Some people sent their submission to the wrong or both tracks.

Michael R.: I prefer one talk submission form with two options (academic vs. general talk) and some additional questions for academic submissions.

Martin: suggestion are quite well thought through and make sense, local team agrees


  • will elaborate more detailed on GitHub
  • if we agreen in about three days, we can start nominations

Yair: the one thing that we need to consider when choosing people for the committee, aside from the other important aspects Marco has mentioned, is professional balance

Michael: Who will nominate? Local team and SotM WG only?

Marco: not only

Michael: Do you want a public nomination? Is there an academic mailing list?

Marco: yes, I have to check how many subscribers it has

Decided to publish call for nominations on OSM Science mailing list.

Sponsorship packages

Michael: agree in general but have objections w.r.t. naming rights (e.g. giving Facebook naming rights would be bad for PR in Germany)


  • I have deleted that already.
  • We have lower prices for supporter and bronze levels to support smaller companies (there are a lot of them in Germany)
  • Prices for gold and plantinum have been increased

Marco: Do you expect that we have more money from sponsors?

Christine: no but we will have more diversity among sponsors

Michael: Will supporter level get permission to post job offers?

Decided to allow job offers to supporter level


Sabrina: How finally decides?

Christine: We have GitHub where we discuss and come to a decision just before the meeting. At the meeting we will go through the list of open tickets and decide finally.

Sabrina: It would be better to be more transparent (to new members)

Martin: Sometimes it feels that all decisions are made outside that, e.g. the discussion about the collaboration with HOT.

Christine: we can set back the discussion and open a ticket on GitHub

Martin: I expected a little bit more open discussion. We could ask the HOT people how they think about it.

Christine: I would like to be cautious.

Melanie: it would be great if discussions are happening (on GitHub) before we make the decision


Marco: Don't worry. In Milan, a lot was discussed on GitHub and in the meetings. In the end, someone has to make a decision.

Melanie: Did we discuss that Christoph will be the lead of the programme committee?

Christine: yes, he agreed already. He will have some criteria who can join the committee to ensure a diverse group.

Melanie: Do we have a ticket for that?

Christine: In the past the working group itself lead the programme selection. Some people complaint that the process was not transparent – neither the criteria nor the people deciding. The decision to let an external person lead it was made at the meeting in Karlsruhe.

Heidelberg team feels that decision making processes are unclear.

Marco: Any thoughts and decisions should be shared on GitHub.

Preview next meeting

Decided on Thursday, 29 November 20:00 UTC. Christoph Hormann will join us then because he will lead the programme selection comittee.

The meeting ended at 21:46 UTC.