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Most discussions of the SotM Working Group happen on GitHub issues (private repository) . The meetings are usually not minuted because team members usually only report about there current progress. Important summaries are written down as issue comments. The meetings take place every second Monday on the Mumble server of HOT project. These minutes are no formal minutes but serve to inform the membership about the activity of the working group. There is no guarantee that all meetings are minuted. See also our entries on

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Time and location: 2018-06-11 19:00 UTC, HOT Mumble server

Present: Christine, Mikel, Michael, Francesco, Alessandro, Marco, Benoît, Gregory

Lead: Mikel

Minutes by: Michael, Gregory

  • We don't care for adblockers.
  • Francesco to contact designer of our banner & logo and aks her to adapt it to the banner

#Special session: How OSMF works and how you can get involved (#122)

  • Michael suggests a talk at the beginning explaining the foundation
 (what, when/why/how it was founded, …) and later "booths"
 in the room where one representative of the working groups
 is available for questions.
  • Michael to email the board, then later the working groups if the board agrees
  • Michael is available as session host but anyone else can also do

Gaps in the schedule, ranking of reserve talks (#121)

  • one gap filled with Ben's OSM embassy talk, second gap filled with volunteer drive session
  • further discussion on third and fourth talk on the GitHub ticket

Press pass (#119)

Merchandise production (#103–106, #116)

Stickers (#116)

  • 5 cm large, about EUR 250 for 1000 stickers (each participant can get two ones)

Lanyards (#105)

  • 60 cent per piece, 500 pieces
  • we have to buy lanyards and the paper inlay separately
  • volunteers put them into the sleeves in advance (enough volunteers available)

T-shirts (#104)

  • deadline for ordering is on 22th June (one month in advance)
  • 180 registrations now
  • we have to guess remaining registrations
  • vast majority has to be ordered one month in advance, up to 100 T-shirs may be ordered later
  • final decision on June 20th
  • Gregory to look up numbers and ratios from Brussels

Recording the Apple talk (#124)

The talk about Apple will not be recorded due to a request by the speaker (lacks permission by the company). Paul Norman wrote an email to the working asking for reasons why the talk was accepted.

  • We took in a lot of consideration about the popularity (community & team)
  • It was discussed in depth the unfortune of not being possible to record, with views from those holding back from accepting it on those grounds.
  • It was considered to put it in an unrecorded track, but we expected to need a larger room.
  • Sharing of content by delegates is not forbidden, there will just not be any "official" recording.
  • There has not been an OSMF board discussion on this, the programme is deemed to be within the remit of the SotM-WG.
  • Christine to answer Paul's email.

How many local chapters want a table at SotM?

  • Knowledge from UK, France, Belgium, Germany groups is that they don't need a table to themselves. So maybe 1 or 2 tables to share amongst local chapters.

SotM 2019

  • to be talked about in 2 weeks time.
  • aim to announce at SotM

Meeting ended 19:56 UTC