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2015-11-16 SotM-WG Meeting

20:00 UTC.

SotM Now: [1]

Previous minutes: 2015 11 02 SotM WG Meeting


  • Gregory
  • Rob
  • Tatiana
  • Alex
  • Ben
  • Serge
  • Christine
  • Joost
  • Marc


  • Henk
  • Alyssa
  • Mikel


  • Review of actions from previous
  • Review of website design (code of conduct, day 3 as hack/breakout day)
  • Location of website on github/OSMF servers
  • Setting up a SotM tracker on github
  • Newsletter (and use of mailchimp/civicCRM and keeping contact list in sync
  • Sponsorship pack
  • Social events

Previous actions

  • Alex (and Tatiana) will share their progress on the website next week. Will also draft something for[2]

    *   To be spoken on later
  • Team to review the use of GitHub to keep us organised (Alex shared link to the SotM US github pages).

    *   Rob: Concern on what Github elements we'll use. We'll just use theweb front end as an issue tracker, not going into code control (technical push requests etc). Happy to go with that rather than e-mails getting buried. Any one else got thoughts?
    • General silence/acceptance.
    • Set it up on OSM-BE’s github org (account), or the Openstreetmap(OSMF) github org?
    • Alex: ideal to keep website code in one repo, and the management in another.
    • Ben: control within the SotM-WG team to manage users would be essential
    • Ben: could host on OSM-BE account then move to OSMF account

          *   Alex: that would work for the website code, not for conversations (management issues)
      • Rob: action for Alex to set it up on OSM-BE github account.

Randy to confirm whether he has time to pull a sponsorship document together in the next 2 weeks. If not then happy to re-assign.

  • Rob: Randy is quite busy at the moment, I’ve done a bit. Hopefully we’ll get others to help too.

Review of website design (code of conduct, day 3 as hack/breakout day)

Some issues were shared on e-mail. Design still had some OSM-US details.

General appreciation of the design.


  • CoC not yet updated to the agreed on a few months ago.
  • Programme, day 3 (hack day) discussed.
  • Programme was just made up to fill it. We should pull that for now and go live without it.
  • Greg: can we at least say “end of September” on the website.
  • Ben: Dates are still available with university & confirmed, but as don’t have the exact schedule/dates(for uni summer 2016) they can’t technically put it in their system. Uni has given us their word we have it. When I speak to the lady(that we’ve spoken to before) tomorrow, then happy about announcing the dates.

Alex: How do we feel about the rough programme (23rd/24th, with practicical/hack workshops on 25th)

Rob: A bit different than before but happy with that. Could go live as it’s clear it’s an outline.

Serge: as long as the number of the days remains the same, the structure doesn’t really matter. Just are we sure it’s 2 days of conf rather than 3 days of conf?

Joost?: Gives people an idea of what’s happening too, should add “workshops”.

Rob: get fixes done which were mentioned on e-mail, then go live.

Alex: should also create art for Twitter etc so branding can be updated.

Rob: Website content on website, on OSM-be or of OSMF github account?

Ben: To go live, just a matter of setting it up on the github repo (which one is chosen), then the domain manager (Tom at OSMF) needs to configure it.

Alex: move the website to OSMF github repo, then repurpose the OSM-BE github repo for management/communications.


Website has a Newsletter sign-up form, is that functioning and where does it go to.

Tatiana: it’s a mailchimp form and I can send the login details

Alex: We can sync that signup with civiCRM. I suggest we keep the newsletter signup focused on SotM 2016 updates (not OSMF updates) and allow people to further opt-in to news on further SotMs.

Rob: I agree on that content-focus, not to say we can’t tuck-in bits “P.S. if you’re interested in OSMF…”. Keen it does get synced to the civicCRM, we’ll need Henk’s help on that.

General agreement on newsletter plan.


See link.

Rob: I’ve started on content for the pack. What I want help on is the past packages. Would be good to put a bit on what we see SotM 2016 being.

Original task list had interest on Sponsorship from [people not on this call].

Christine: also willing to help.

Rob: I’ll follow up on call.

Social events

Just before the call, Mark shared some work done.

Marc: A few events listed at. For now, need to get information on the prices and number of people that can come to the event. Do we want to have a sit-down dinner or open dinner?

Marc: Talked about “square-experience”. Found two places with suitable pubs/restaurants around. Still have work to do on creating the lists.

Marc: Thought of 3rd option, for a museum to open late just for us.

Rob: A few other ideas shared in the SotM Now document.

Rob: Reason to get it done early would be to see what impact it has on ticket prices.

Marc: don’t have an idea of cost yet, need to work on that.

Rob: in Birmingham 2013 we did a sit-down dinner at the uni, which came to £30/head, ~¬40.

Christine: ¬30 for BBQ at SotM EU 2014.

Rob: If we aim to include something in the ticket price, ¬40-45. Anything else could be a sign-up that people pay for themselves.

Serge: I agree. It’s been a differentiater with other conferences in the circle. Under ¬50 is not expensive for a ticket.

Marc: events every night?

Rob: just one night, included in the ticket. Other nights it’s good to have ideas (like the square-experience) that are optional and a cost they choose. It’s good to keep having suggestions to keep people together so OSM conversation can continue on other nights.

Ben: You should try contacting Visit Brussels because they help you out for free and contact companies to find a place for you. They’re nice people there.

Rob: The similar organisation in Birmingham was brilliant, there to support the local companies. Also good for publicity leads closer to our event.

Joost?: How close should it be to the event venue?

Serge: If it’s public transport accessible (and if going as a group, all meet at this place at this time). There is an upper limit, I’d say 20-30 mins so people who want to get on their own don’t get lost.

Marc: Hotels are in the city. VUB is a bit outside. Hard to find something that is close to both. Walking distance is 1hour, transport 15-30mins but stops running at 1am.

Rob: locations around the city centre would be ideal, or within the 20 mins, if people are staying in hotels near there.

Rob: I’ll put ¬30-45/per-person in the budget for one evening meal/event. We’ll talk about ticket price in a future meeting.

Ben: We should ask Visit Brussels and VUB closer to the date about accommodation closer to the event.


Serge: Thanks again Rob for group organisation.


  • Alex - setup repos for website(on OSMF repo) and management (on OSM-BE repo).
  • Rob - follow up by e-mail, sponsorship pack

Meeting ended

+54 minutes.