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2015-09-21 SotM-WG Meeting

19:00 UTC.

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Meeting on the 7th September cancelled due to people being busy.


  • Alyssa
  • Serge
  • Rob
  • Tatiana
  • Henk
  • Ben
  • ?


  • Gregory
  • ?

Skype down

Skype was down on this day so we hastily moved to Google Hangouts. Unfortunately Gregory didn’t make it over to the Hangout so and minutes were therefore not properly covered. What follows is a rough recollection of the main topics.


We looked at the updated logo from Veronica and some ideas proposed by Tatiana. We agreed that brown was a difficult colour to work with if we are to work the logo in seamlessly with the website. There are very few examples of good brown websites.


The meeting between the MEPs and Henk & Ben is coming up next Monday. Henk raised the issue that so far the two MEPs come from a single political party/group. We agreed that this was not ideal and should be raised with the MEPs.

Ben noted that VUB cannot provide a 100% guarantee over the availability of the rooms we are hoping to make use of. The calendar for September 2016 is not in place until March so it cannot be “booked in”.

Rob requested that Henk and Ben arrange to see VUB on the same day as they see the MEPs.


  • DONE:Tatiana - Continue to develop the logo and prep for the website.
  • DONE:Henk & Ben - To feedback from the meeting with MEPs
  • DONE:Henk & Ben - To arrange a meeting with VUB to find out more details about the venue guarantee.

Meeting ended

+?? minutes.