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2015-08-24 SotM-WG Meeting

Previous meeting minutes: [1]

Meeting at 19:00 GMT.


  • Gregory Marler
  • Tatiana VC
  • Rob
  • Ben Abelshausen
  • Joost
  • Marc Ducobu
  • Alyssa


  • Gonzalo (travelling to SotM Latam, Chille)
  • Henk (also travelling to SotM Latam?)


Logo competition

Logo entries: [2]

Comments sent by e-mail… Manneken Pis by M!dgard

SOTM 2016 by acervantes

  • Love the concept of merging atomium & a map

  • Like that the merge also references the main OSM logo

  • Not sure that it brings a strong enough colour concept

  • Tatiana: I like the concept but I don’t think it’s strong enough yet. The execution could be better. And the colors remind me too much of google maps right now.

SOTM 2016 by TatianaVC

  • Best entrant for mono-colour, and the ease of using in different mediums which comes with that

  • Joost: +1
  • Tatiana: The one I made . I think it looks fresh and there’s a lot we can do with the color, patterns and visual elements. It will be easy to create a recognizable and cohesive brand with this design.

SOTM 2016 by Wulankhairunisa

  • Like the bold colours
  • Like the overall shape of it
  • I think it’s maybe too busy, too many strong elements. Would it still work well without person?
  • agreed! Too many colors that don’t go that well together, and it looks like a city that’s on fire.

City Waffle by veronicasemeco

  • I like the fun of this and taking a concept/icon(waffles) that wasn’t the first thoughts in other entries.
  • It’s got a map aspect in the design. Did I mention I like maps?
  • Joost: +1. I like the City Waffle best. The only downside is that it looks like a Liege waffle, not a Brussels waffle. But I like Liege waffles better, so that’s ok.
  • I very much like this concept/idea but I’m not sure people will recognize the waffle (or people will link this to Belgium). I’m also a bit worried the colors could become a bit boring if we use them throughout the entire brand.
  • Tatiana: I very much like this concept/idea but I’m not sure people will recognize the waffle (or people will link this to Belgium). I’m also a bit worried the colors could become a bit boring if we use them throughout the entire brand.
  • Alyssa: I like the city waffle as well. I think it’s specific to the location yet incorporates mapping in a clever way. Actually, I find the entire concept pretty clever and interesting. I agree with Tatiana however about the color palette and would be interested in a version that riffs on this concept but offers a bolder aesthetic.

Comments during meeting Tatiana: I like the waffle one and my own. I don’t think the others will work well.

(various agreement)

Marc: shape of the waffle is not very clear and not obvious.

Alyssa: would be interesting to see what Tatiana could do with the idea. Maybe say waffle some how.

Joost: two kinds of waffles in Belgium

Alyssa: will there be waffles at the conference?

Ben: 5-sided shape of Brussels to incorporate?

Alyssa: might complicate it and not many people be added in.

Rob: how long is good for you, Tatiana to work on the waffle design and see what you can do.

Tatiana: do we know the user who created it, and will she be okay with edits?

Rob: no, but we should drop them a message.

Venue Update

Latest: Uni Libre Brussels split between two buildings.

Ben: Contact with newly suggested venue, VUB, is available for 2 weeks in September. It will all be in one building, and large space for sponsors/breaks. Price is similar/lower to ULB. Similar ease to get there. I can really see SotM happening there. As far as I’m concerned we could tell ULB we’re not interested.

More details:

Ben: if you know a professor there it would be good. We’re still finding out how we can get a discount there.

Rob: worth investigating, but still good on price as it is. Will be better than ULB, having everything in once place.

(general agreement)

PJ: and it’s better transport wise.

Rob: next steps, get it in VUB’s calendar for firmer dates.

Other help needed?… website

Rob: anything the remote team can help you with?

Ben: website would be helpful.

Tatiana: what is needed to be done? We’re needing to decide our visual style first?

Alyssa: thought was to get it setup the framework, privately.

Tatiana: I can do a bit, but time wise it might not be very fast.

Rob: We have a wordpress site as a placeholder, so we’re not without an online presence. It’s not urgent as we’re still a long time away from the conference.

Tatiana: I could do with someone who is more technical, and also someone who is a good copywriter. HTML, CSS, and design, I can do. SotM-US was a jeckle site (that’s what Github uses).

Ben: I can help on the technical side if it’s not urgent for next meeting.

Tatiana: we could have this discussion in detail over e-mail.

Rob: There’s a desire to have the websites on OSMF servers. I can talk to the OSMF operations group for help about that.

Belgian community involvement

Joost: There’s a mailing happening on the OSM Belgium group, following a message from Nicolas. There seems to be a lot of people interested in, it would be good to keep them informed. I see a problem happening there.

Joost: It was just today so I haven’t responded to it.

Ben: Some people from our local community would like to be involved. We offered for them to come on the team, but they haven’t. There’s also OSM France who have been helpful from the beginning, but I don’t know what that is.

Alyssa: asking them would be good. If you know any, asking them about specific things on leading. Lead workshops, lead social events.

Rob: first step to respond and work out what areas they’re interested in.

Greg: could start a list of volunteers names & emails (for those just wanting to help at the conf, not organising) that we’ll contact nearer the time.

Joost: has it passed the time for them to get involved in the team.

Ben: if they really want to sure. If they become part of the team they should be giving some level of contribution.

Joost: having a list of things they can do would be good.

Rob: if the new university doesn’t provide catering then we’ll be looking for people to help with that. Also accommodation research list-building for delegates to see.

Joost: A lot of tasks are still undefined while we’re waiting for the venue conf. The matrix we used before would be good, I could make a copy of that for the local team.

Rob: New set of challenges for this working group, being too-ealry for tasks to be done.


Alyssa: Randy said he’s still working on the copy for the sponsor deck, he’s just been a bit busy.

Greg: are we still investigating the EU parliament?

Ben: yes, me and Henk are having a meeting at the end of September. In the mean time no work being done on that.

Greg: cheers. Wanted to check I hadn’t missed anything.

Rob: still a good year to go on this and the last weeks have been busy with our day jobs & holidays. A number of actions still remain from last meeting which is fine.

Meeting closed

+37 minutes.

Next meeting in 2 weeks time.


  • Tatiyana to work on the Waffle design/ideas itterating on it.
  • DONE: Rob to contact waffle-designer and CC Tatiana as an introduction
  • Ben: contact venue with next steps for booking.