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SotM WG meeting

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July 13th 2015, 19:00 GMT


  • Gregory M
  • Rob N
  • Serge W
  • Christine Karch
  • Ben Abelshausen
  • Henk
  • Joost S
  • Alyssa Wright
  • Gonzalo Perez
  • Pieter-Jan Pauwels
  • Marc Ducobu (joined later)

Absent Apologies

  • ?

European Parliament/Commission update - Do we have any news?

  • Ben: local contacts have been exhausted. We have now talked to everyone in our direct networks. Some follow up to do. We may be a little bit closer, but still the same doubt as to whether we will succeed.
  • Henk: In New York I spoke to someone from EU Research Commission, might be able to give us a line (if we haven’t already).
  • Ben: we have a hackpad document with contacts that can be shared.

the hackpad:

  • Alyssa: materials to show contacts, we could show them previous events that OSM community has put on. Hard to create a formalised sponsorship deck, as levels etc. still need to be thought out/discussed/decided. Helpful to work with a designer on that too.
  • Christine: how much did the SotM-US designer cost?
  • Alyssa: was (volunteer) time from a supporting organisation.
  • Ben: we could take the lead as there is a mapbox designer that very enthusiastic for SotM in Brussels.
  • Alyssa: when HOT did their summit, they also had a paper sponsorship deck. They had a staff member as the designer.
  • Ben: Yep, Jorieke Vyncke is listening in here and is on the HOT board.
  • Rob: The action point is for Ben to get in touch with her (tatiana van campenhout) to see if she is interested in supporting SotM.

ULB venue update - see below

  • Building K for the 1 largest auditorium, small rooms (up to 60) and foyer space for breaks.
  • Building U (and Building H) has two large auditorium and suitable smaller rooms.
  • FOSS Dem didn’t have a set/combined lunch break, they had informal breaks where people went to the canteen & food trucks.
  • Would be good to get a local team member to check the ease of moving between buildings and where the entrances are. Will it be easy to find each one? Take photos.
  • Joost: I could go. (Marc and I will try and go together)
  • Serge: what about BoF & impromptu sessions in the layout?
  • Ben: yes, lots of small rooms to use.
  • Alyssa: SotM-US got really good feedback from BoFs being in individual/small rooms.
  • Alyssa: what about the plan for the hackday?
  • Ben: Not something we have on the agenda right now. There’s been hack weekends at past SotMs.
  • Rob: We’ve not got as far as looking at one yet. If it’s something people are keen for and we have resources for.
  • Alyssa: We should find out their availability of small rooms on Monday.


  • Alyssa: do we have costings to derive the sponsorship levels from
  • Rob: initial quote from university we have.
  • Ben: I have some paperwork to look at. I think it’s lower than we said in the bid, but there is no catering. Needs to be a Belgian-registered org, I’ll need to check with OKF that we can use their details.

Does SotM 2016 need a theme? - see attached slides to e-mail

  • SotM13 had the theme of “change” but it was hard to enforce that with talk proposals.
  • Open for suggestions of themes. SotM13 feedback was people liked ability to meet others, so a theme of community is a possibility.
  • Greg: micro themes are something to decide once you have talks proposed, if they come out.
  • Alyssa: is Humanitarian suggested as a theme?
  • Rob: a micro theme
  • Henk: if we’re to do it in Brussels, nice to have something with the locality/region: maybe EU policy & open data, or rescuing the world/Greece. As political centre of Europe, make it large so it can cover lots of things.
  • Serge: That seems broad as a theme.
  • Henk: The theme being link it to Europe, or European Unity. Argentina had “passion” as theme, linked to Tango dancing but also contributing. Make a theme not small enough to exclude stuff, but bigger so you can make multiple ways of looking at it.
  • Rob: We could share theme ideas over e-mail and chat them over there. If it’s something we don’t want to go with this year that can be okay. Not 100% sure we need one anyway.
  • Alyssa: A good question for a theme is whether we want a keynote, is that a given?
  • Rob: Keynote is usual at SotM.
  • Rob: Theme would be to give people an idea on what to talk about and slant their thoughts that way.

Sponsorship - key steps in building a sponsorship pack

  • [sponsorship packs from previous events sent around on e-mail by various people]
  • SotM task matrix:

  • There is a subgroup that sticks out for sponsorship. Would be good to set them up on the

Henk, Rob, Randy, Alyssa, Christine, Ben, Pieter-Jan. First step to start drafting sponsorship pack.

  • Alyssa: need to set a tier first.
  • Rob: There’s the initial text “why sponsor” that we can get on with first and drop the tiers in once we have a better view on venue & venue costs.
  • Rob: over next week review/discuss the past packs.


  • Four people listed they are able/keen to help. Alyssa, Christine, Ben, Joost.
  • Rob: What level skills do you have? What are you happy/comfortable with?
  • Alyssa: I couldn’t do a website design, but text/imagery I’m interested in looking over. I think it’s a really part of the planning that I’m interested in.
  • Ben: I like how SotM US did this with Github. It’s nice way of working and looks good.
  • Christine: I’m not a designer but can use the typical web technologies.
  • Rob: Currently SotM 2016 is on Wordpress, good to keep or another platform wanted to be setup?
  • Ben: I can setup the pages on Github.
  • Alyssa: do we have budget to do this?
  • Rob: We’d have to go back to OSMF board. I’m looking for someone here who can do it.
  • Rob: did you build SotM EU website?
  • Christine: yes, I used Rails on the Geofabrik server which we could also use.
  • Marc: Will be good to translate into French to attract people in Brussels.
  • Henk: That’s great, but I would prefer for it to be hosted on the OSMF servers.
  • Christine: yes, I think it’s better to use OSMF servers.
  • Ben: we could discuss this later as a group.
  • Rob: I’m looking for something that is easy to setup and looks good, but also something that is easy for members to go in and edit the page to fix spelling mistakes. In past years only a few people have been able to update the website & that’s caused risk in limiting communication.
  • A few examples have been discussed/listed:
  • Looking at those for inspiration will be good.

  • Previously done a competition with the wider OSM community, or done it internally.
  • Argentina had a very local competition.
  • Rob: We’ve got lots of time, competition again?
  • Henk: I would be in favour, it usually turns out some awful ones but there is one or more good ones in there. Good to get some community involvement.
  • Serge: yes because this SotM seems more commercial and distance than others, so it’s going to be key to engage people.
  • Greg: previously entries were posted on a wiki page.
  • Henk: how is it decided? SotM WG team or an election? Being transparent would be good.
  • Rob: how long to open the competition to be open for? 4 weeks?
  • Christine: needs to be relatively quick so we can use it.
  • Henk: people either have time now it’s summer or they don’t because they’re away. We’ll need to look at design briefs, like have it open copyright and formats, printable etc.
  • Rob: 15th August gives 4 weeks and 4 days from now.
  • Greg can find old comp on wiki, copy it to a new 2016 version, send links to team e-mail.




  • Ben - Mapbox designer contact, tatiana van campenhout), find out interest in supporting.
  • Ben - Complete ULB paperwork
  • Joost - site visit. check times between buildings (U & H), ease to find, take. photos to illustrate.
  • Henk: update sponsors e-mail list with Henk, Rob, Randy, Alyssa, Christine, Ben, Peter.
  • Greg: find old comp on wiki, copy it to a new 2016 version, send links to team e-mail.
  • Sponsors team: Review existing sponsorship packs and agree key messages for SotM 2016 pack.

Meeting Closed.

+53 minutes.