StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2015/2015-02-26 Meeting

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

February 26th 2015, 17:32 GMT


  • Rob N
  • Richard W
  • Gregory M
  • Randy M
  • Serge W
  • Henk H (left early due to flight, apology received in advance)
  • Harry W (joined late)

Note: meeting flowed through topics, headings were added post-meeting as summary points.

Document of extended announcement for OSMF Mailing List

Henk has read & happy with the draft of it.

Richard: Extended announcement doesn’t have much appology.

Rob: The problems have been more of an underlying theme over the years. Lots of new members on the WG so shouldn’t need to drag out being negative and apologising for previous issues.

Randy: I like the extended draft. There hasn’t been lots of backlash on the mailing list from initial announcement, so we don’t have to worry a lot.

Serge: Extended is good in that it’s identified why there isn’t a SotM this year, enough for this type of announcement. Would be good if we add some language about *how* it’s going to be addressed in the time to come not just that it will be. There was a conversation starting but it got shut down by Katleen.

Richard: whole thread got shut down, was she just trying to shut down HOT funding talk on the OSMF list?

Rob: My suggestion is we publish extended announcement as it is now and schedule something to arrange the next step.

Call for Venues

Rob: I want us to be at a point where Call For Venues can be put out in April.

Richard: Don’t see an issue with CfV being put out now. With note it will be run as seen by SotM-WG (to be decided). Waiting till April doesn’t get us further on.

Rob: April is still a heck of a lot earlier than previously.

Greg: Does the 2015 CfV text stand okay with what we’re asking.

Richard: Should add “we mean it now”. Add questions like, what numbers you expect, what budget you plan and what work has been done for potential income.

Henk: How to move forward makes sense as Richard said: continue with the format we have. Just try to flesh out the info we need to put out for CfV. Now fantastic, April not much of a problem. If we aim for March we have lee-way. In board F2F we discussed SotM, Katleen is moving things forward on how we want SotM to continue. Henk trying to get Katleen into the SotM WG but not ultimate joy from her yet. In the extended info we can put up, that’s good. Follow up with being active by putting the CfV out, that needs to be the priority. Someone needs to do and champion that.

Henk’s involvement

Richard: To be clear, are you stepping out of SotM-WG?

Henk: Not what I’m saying, I’m just not going to be the lead. Please don’t look at me to ask when the next meeting is, etc.

Richard: SotM-WG wishes to thank Henk for his work on the WG and understand that he wishes to *reduce* his contribution to the WG. general acceptance amongst meeting participants

Rob: yes, SotM wouldn’t be where it is to date without Henk.

Richard: whoever takes on the leadership role will have to be up on updating the board (especially due to the financial aspects), and maybe attending board meetings.

Henk: I’m happy to stay on the SotM WG. Lead of a WG does not need to be a board member, even prefered to not be so.

Rob: action taken away… general agreement on extended announcement, so I will publish that on Saturday (to allow time for additional comments).

Rob: next step is CfV, anyone want to work on drafting that and copy/pasting

Richard volunteers

Date of SotM 2016

Rob: Randy, are Sotm-US sticking with their June time for next year?

Randy: Not sure, but I can check with the timing. It was a deviation from the usual spring-plan so it may or may not revert back in 2016.

Serge (not on US WG): Unfortunately SotM-US jumps around like SotM, mainly to avoid clashes in the same way. If all the conferences are avoiding each other it’s hard to pin down dates.

Randy: It’s like a race to get things planned first.

Rob: August-September-October still good?

Richard: Why restrict it, just say 2016? Don’t shut down venues that could coincide with other local events.

Greg: Agreed, we’ve got the time to be much more flexible, even Jan if it works.

Richard: A second round of CfV could even take place if beneficial.

Rob: Yep, let’s go with that and add that coinciding with local events could be good, proposals should mention them.


Randy: Any benefit to doing outreach to ensure we do get proposals?

Richard: Not much gets done, other than pushing it out to other lists. Should get it out to non-English lists too.

Rob: If the CWG are happy & we can get a CfV blog posts then it will hopefully get picked up by the various OSM weekly news outlets around the world.

Interim lead of the SotM-WG

Richard: Are you happy Rob to take the lead on an interim basis until the WG define one? [Rob agrees, everyone else agrees for him to take the role]

Minutes of SotM-WG meetings

Rob: any other business?

Greg: our minutes aren’t on OSMF website, who has access to upload them?

Harry (just joined meeting): I can give you permission Gregory, or anyone involved.

Richard: I still have access, you could remove that if needed.

Rob: Gregory, just check the minutes are okay(of private details) before uploading them.

Gregory: Yep, I’ll pass them by our mailing list first?

Publishing extended announcement

Rob: I can only publish to talk, is that where the announcement should go.

Richard: OSMF-talk first is better. No reason to hide the announcement but that self-selected group and amendments/clarifications can be made before it goes to talk (unless someone else does that).

Harry: I can post it to osmf-talk on Saturday, if reminded.

Rob: AoB?

Harry: Just let me know if you need any other communication-related help. Last SotMs there seemed to be an assumption the CWG would do a lot of promotion, maybe we just need to work closely together.

Harry: It’s ideal if you have the energy to write the post yourself, send to CWG, and we can post it.

Website Hosting

Richard: is hosted on foundation hardware?

Rob: I think until 2012.

Harry: They might be on the dev server, there were issues. All sites were wordpress, apart from Birmingham one and Argentina one. Website is still down, we should sort that out, I can talk to firefishy.

Rob: Sort it out for 2016 website, anyone got web experience?

Harry: I’m keen for mirroring wiki information. I’ve made a PHP version of it, so it could work in Wordpress.

Richard: There is benefit to hosting it by the foundation. We could at least add an unstyled site for 2016 and call for people to come up with designs.

Next SotM-WG meeting

Richard: do we have a provisional date for next SotM-WG meeting?

Rob: I’ll circulate list of actions. Thursdays work well?

Greg: 3 weeks time then? We’ll do a lot before-hand on the mailing list.

Next meeting

19th March, 17:30 GMT

World Clock link

Meeting finished 18:18 GMT


  • Harry to publish the extended announcement on OSMF-talk at the weekend (giving folks an extra day to review it if you haven't had time to read it yet) - DONE
  • Richard to set up a wiki page for the Call for Venues for 2016. - DONE
  • Rob to establish contact with Kathleen in relation to SotM discussions at recent F2F meeting. - EMAIL SENT
  • Harry to grant Gregory access to the foundation wiki. - DONE
  • Gregory to upload minutes to the foundation wiki. - DONE
  • Randy to check with SotM-US team whether they have any view on timings of conferences. We are being open this year just stating 2016 but we recognize that we should share info earlier on so that we don't get clashes. - DONE
  • Harry to check about old websites and plan for new website to be discussed by team on email.