StateoftheMap Organizing Committee/Minutes/2015/2015-01-21 Meeting

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • Henk H (voice)
  • Rob N (voice)
  • Richard W (text only)


  • Randy M

Summary of discussions

  1. Comment raised about the responsiveness (or lack thereof) from the Venice local team. Henk confirmed that earlier communication had been similar/very little and by email only (no face to face or concalls).
  2. Responses from the Venice team have also indicated that moving the date is not possible due to lack of venues and accommodation (partly due to Expo 2015)
  3. Agreed that this was unworkable and therefore SOTM 2015 would be missed this year. The earlier date of June would clash with SOTM US and would be too soon to get organised.
  4. Henk to inform the OSMF Board and obtain their commitment to SotM 2016.
  5. Next meeting in early February with the aim to push on with SotM 2016 as soon as possible.
  6. We also discussed the long term aim of SotM-WG. One idea is to use the SOTM-Wg to help locals set up a conference in their own are with the hope that they will learn and become confident enough that they could then run other events without the support of the SotM-WG. Examples such as Japan show that this is possible.
  7. Under this model the foundation would receive some funding from running SotM but following events would be locally run. As such this is a long term destructive solution. OSMF would therefore need to consider alternative funding options.
  8. We would have a clear mission that might make it easier to approach sponsors. We may even ask the bigger local conference groups if they would like to contribute in some way (support or financial) with this mission.