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The purpose of the OpenStreetMap project and the OSMF is to provide open geographic data, such as street maps, to anyone.
To fulfill the goal of distributing data that is truly open, untethered by rights of third parties and of high quality, we do not support anonymous contributions and retain additional, non-geographic, data on a legitimate interest basebasis (see [https://gdpr-info.eu/art-6-gdpr/ GDPR article 6.1f ]), to enable:
* identifying all the contributions made by an account,
===Data from contributions to OpenStreetMap===
Besides the geographic data contributed (point,points wayslines, and areas with associated attributes and GPS trace data), and communications related data (diary posts and comments, the user page, changeset comments, messages) we store
* editing session meta-data. For example comments added by the user, any version and similar information added by the editing application, which editing application and which aerial imagery layers where used.
Given the temporary nature of this storage, it is generally not feasible for us to provide access to IP addresses or the logs associated with them.
The above mentioned data is processed on a legitimate interest basebasis (see [https://gdpr-info.eu/art-6-gdpr/ GDPR article 6.1f ]).
Third party services providing content linked to via or third party JavaScript files utilised by OSMF provided sites are not covered by this policy and you will need to refer to the respective service providers for more information.