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Draft notes

OpenStreetMap Foundation, Operations Meeting* - Agenda & Minutes
Wednesday July 15th 2020, 18:00 London time
Location: Video room at https://osmvideo.cloud68.co

* Please note that this was not strictly an OWG meeting.



Live notes by participants.


Previous minutes


Action items from this meeting

  • Ian to share ownership of his Fastly account [Topic: Commercial CDN for Bulk Tile Users].
  • Paul and Grant to quote up a server to replace errol/kessie [Topic: Replacement of Errol/Kessie].
  • Ian to try converting fluxBB DB to go into Discourse [Topic: OSM Forum (FluxBB) update].

Commercial CDN for Bulk Tile Users

Update on Fastly:

  • They're still very interested in helping!
    • Estimated commercial cost for OSM usage = $80k / month.
    • Fastly would be interested in being able to boast about OSM to help with recruitment.
  • How do we go about testing? (small scale / proportion?)
  • DNS split test?
  • Start with their URL, then custom domain name (e.g. test.tile.osm.org), then scale up from there.
  • Test using the imagery sites first, then the embed.html template.

AWS Config Using Code (Terraform?)

  • Automated (github actions?)
  • Security Auditing (eg: tfsec).
  • Promote to help bring in new people to help.
  • Easier to get new volunteers to join.
  • CWG/Migurski to write blog post there.

Replacement of Errol/Kessie

  • Errol: 8 TB of disk, pretty full.
  • Grant sometimes nags users who use lots of disk.
  • Guillaume likes having no-setup-required lots of disk available.

Action item: Paul and Grant to quote up a server to replace errol/kessie.

Open Ops Tickets

Review open, what needs policy and what needs someone to help with.

FluxBB is old and slow

Related Github ticket: OSM Forum (FluxBB) update #439

  • Alternative: Discourse?
  • Fedora Discourse is hosted by discourse.com, but uses their OAuth.

Action item: Ian to try converting fluxBB DB to go into Discourse.

planet-dump caused outage

  • 20.04 upgrade triggered bugs, planet dump used too many resources, pg_restore options changed.
  • failure brought down www, planet and planet-dump generation.
  • rails 6.1 (ETA this summer?) will allow gpx traces to be stored on object store, split off from single point of failure.

Next meeting

July 29 2020, 18:00 London time.

Operations meetings are currently being held every 2 Wednesdays, at 18:00 London time.
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