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OSMF translators are volunteers who often collaborate with the Communication Working Group (CWG} and/or other OSMF working groups and translate posts on the official OSM blog or other OSM-related material.

blog.openstreetmap.org translations

The following volunteers have provided translations for the OSM blog from August 2020 to August 2021:

  • Chinese (Traditional) - Dennis Raylin Chen
  • Czech - Czech community members
  • Dutch - Georges Kuster
  • French (2) - Georges Kuster, Kokou Elolo Amegayibo
  • Galician - Miguel Guisantes Alonso
  • German - Tobias Knerr
  • Italian - (2) Alessandro Sarretta, Davide Ferracin
  • Japanese - Satoshi IIDA (nyampire)
  • Korean - Dongha Hwang
  • Lithuanian - Nerijus Šalkauskas
  • Polish - Mateusz Bartczak
  • Portuguese (Brazil) (3) - Eduardo Addad de Oliveira, Gonzalo Gabriel Perez, Miguel Guisantes Alonso
  • Russian (2) - Ilya Zverev, Pacha Tchernof
  • Spanish (3) - Eric Armijo, Juan Arellano Valdivia, Oscar Zorilla Alonso
  • Ukranian - Andrey Golovin
Language Number of translations
Chinese (Traditional) 4
Czech 1
Dutch 7
French 12
Galician 10
German 2
Italian 8
Japanese 7
Korean 4
Lithuanian 1
Polish 15
Portuguese (Brazil) 12
Russian 3
Spanish 26
Ukranian 1

Welcome to Miłosz Kania.

Survey translators

The [2021 board survey](https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/File:Survey_OSMF_board_2021.png) on 2020 OSMF board decisions controversial topics was translated by some of the translators above and other volunteers in these laguages:
Arabic, Chinese (Traditional; Taiwan), English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish (Sorani), Persian (machine translation), Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese .

State of the Map live translators

The following volunteers provided live translations during State of the Map 2021 talks.

  • Bahasa Indonesia - Zainab Ramadhanis (@Zainab)
  • Bengali - Rubyath Hasan (@rhasan)
  • Italian - Rosa Colacicco (@RosaColacicco)
  • Polish - Jan Kalwasiński (@Darellur)
  • Russian - Ilya Zverev (@zverik)
  • Spanish - Eric Armijo (@YoViajo)

If you would like to help

Do you want to translate posts on blog.openstreetmap.org from English to another language..? Please send an email to communication@osmfoundation.org with subject: Helping with translations in [language].

Translators are also needed by weeklyOSM (independent community project - please contact them directly) and you can also have a look at the translation page on the OSM wiki.