Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2021-10-25

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LCCWG 2021-10-25 meeting

Meeting started at 14:08 UTC.

0. Potential Attendance

Not Present

  • Patrick - CH
  • Charles - ZM
  • Rob - UK
  • Naveen - IN
  • Besfort - XK
  • Naveen - IN
  • Jonathan - BE


  • Adam - UK (joined 14:30)
  • Anisa - IT
  • Joost - BE
  • Jorge - PT
  • Eugene - PH
  • Maggie - US
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Arnalie - HOT

1. Administrative

BBB is having server errors, so the meeting was conducted using Jitsi.

1.1. Meeting chair

Anisa will chair the meeting.

1.2. Approval of the Sept 2021 meeting minutes

* https://hackmd.io/@lccwg/rJ-ZYEcbt - approved

1.3. Arnalie Vicario to join LCCWG

  • Arnalie is a member of HOT and also from the OSM Philippines community.
  • Arnalie accepted as a new member, replacing Sophie

2. Main agenda

2.1. Support the development of Microcosms (GL#7)

  • No real updates.

2.2. Provide a tool for communities to welcome new mappers (GL#8)

  • new Welcome Tool has launched!
  • https://welcome.osm.be/
  • Belgium from the start, 3 new regions have already joined since the release : Luxembourg, New York state, Massachusetts
  • Joost: tool is well-made

2.3. Develop/design local community website template/tool (GL#13)

  • Maggie: Work is ongoing to develop an OSMUS map style. The idea is that work on the new website will proceed after the map style.
  • Belgian site is being used by the Netherlands, it seems. Follow up with Jonathan?
  • Italy will be developing a new website and will publish the source code

2.4. Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

  • Andy already provided feedback and asked other website maintainers. Slowly moving forward, not guaranteed to be finished before Christmas.
  • Adam will email CWG at communication@osmfoundation.org

2.5. Moderation subcommittee updates

  • Still looking for moderators, especially more geographically diverse people. The hope is that the moderator team is in place before the OSMF election season is in full swing.
    • Moderation subcommittee may have to step in temporarily if needed
  • OSM Blog post: https://blog.openstreetmap.org/2021/10/17/looking-for-moderators-for-osm-lists/
  • Please ask people in your networks, especially if outside Western Europe
  • Question: Should OSMF Board members be part of the moderation team? Consensus is that it's best if Board members refrain from moderating the lists.
  • Used a Plain English service to help make the document more understandable for non-native speakers of English.

2.6. Best practices around doing paid work for local chapters

  • Maggie sent feedback from OSM US' perspective.
  • Joost and Eugene to have a meeting to finalize a proposal to present to the Board.
  • Where do we (the OSMF) draw the line? Do we need to draw the line at all?
  • This can be a possible table topics for the LCCC.

2.7. Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2021 (GL#10)

3. Other business

3.1. Coordination with CWG

  • Maggie has already coordinated for the promotion of the Congress and the call for moderators.

4. Next meeting

Next meeting is on November 29 starting at 14:00 UTC.

Meeting ended at 15:22 UTC.