Local Chapters and Communities Working Group/Meeting minutes/2021-09-27

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LCCWG 2021-09-27 meeting

Meeting started at 14:08 UTC.

Not present

  • Jonathan - BE - with apologies
  • Joost - BE - with apologies
  • Patrick - CH
  • Charles - ZM
  • Rob - UK
  • Sophie - HOT
  • Naveen - IN
  • Anisa - IT
  • Besfort - XK
  • Geoffrey - UG
  • Naveen - IN


  • Jorge - PT
  • Eugene - PH
  • Adam - UK
  • Maggie - US

1. Administrative

1.1. Meeting chair

  • Adam will chair this month's meeting

1.2. Approval of the 2021-08-30 meeting minutes

2. Main agenda

2.1. Support the development of Microcosms (GL#7)

  • Seems to be stalled.
  • Adam will try to reach out once the work on the OSM website is done.

2.2. Provide a tool for communities to welcome new mappers (GL#8)

  • Jonathan: I didn't really progress on the Welcome Tool since last meeting but I'll deploy it on welcome.osm.be in the next few weeks.

2.3. Develop/design local community website template/tool (GL#13)

  • No updates.

2.4. Update the OSM website to highlight Local Chapters (GL#14)

  • Ongoing PR was updated to address feedback from sysads. Needs more tests but should wait for more feedback.

2.5. Moderation subcommittee updates

  • Provided an update during the OSMF Board's September meeting.
  • Suggested to use a Simple English service to provide a readable version of the Etiquette guidelines, possible ask the OSMF for funding.
  • Next step is to recruit members for the moderation team including existing moderators.

2.6. Best practices around doing paid work for local chapters

  • No updates

2.7. Local Chapters and Communities Congress 2021 (GL#10)

  • Wiki page has been updated to look more presentable.
  • Program was updated

3. Other business

3.1. Coordination with CWG

  • CWG's next meeting is October 4. Time unsure. Maggie has volunteered to attend that meeting if she's available. Topics to raise:
    • Moderation team recruitment
    • LCCC
    • Coordination (lead times, procedures, etc.)

4. Next meeting

Next meeting is on October 25 starting at 14:00 UTC.

Meeting ended at 15:48 UTC.