GPStogo/Application Guidelines

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Acceptance of an application for a GPS unit from GPSToGo must be assessed on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria as a guide.

  • Acceptance must be based on the following hard criteria.
    • Developing Country
       You must be a permanent resident in a developing country. A developing country is any country in this list (Wikipedia).
    • OSM Contributor
       You must have already made some contribution to the OSM project, either by tracing features from allowed imagery or other allowable sources. The tracing does not necessarily have to be of the area where you live. Other contributions such as wiki maintenance, software development, dataset uploads etc will also be counted as contributions to the project.
    • Public OSM User
       You must be a registered OSM user, and your edits must be made public so that we can identify and confirm your contributions.