Fundraising Guidelines

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Adopted by the OSMF Board on 2023-05-25

The OpenStreetMap Foundation (OSMF) is committed to supporting the growth and development of the OpenStreetMap (OSM) project while adhering to the highest ethical standards in fundraising. These guidelines aim to preserve the integrity of the project, respect the diverse cultures of our community, and ensure that our fundraising practices align with the Foundation’s mission and values.

Funds are raised to support the OSMF’s mission. The needs of the organisation determine funding goals, not the other way around. We responsibly allocate fundraising resources, balancing investment in fundraising activities and directing funds towards mission-related work. We also recognize that the contributions of volunteer time and skills as mappers, developers, writers, organizers and many other roles fundamentally drive OSM, and fundraising is in service to the incredible volunteer spirit of OSM.

When assessing donors, we intend to balance honouring donors’ wishes and preferences while upholding the communities’ values. Potential partners are evaluated on their commitment to open data, community involvement, and social and environmental responsibility. The OSMF Board reserves the right to refuse donations misaligned with OSM values and mission.

Our communication will adhere to high standards of integrity and transparency. Messages will not exaggerate the impact of donations or the urgency of the cause. We will regularly communicate fundraising goals, progress, and impact to the community. We commit to transparent communications on fund allocation and utilisation, and other aspects of financial reporting.

Collaboration and inclusivity of the diverse OSM community in fundraising efforts is paramount. We will collaborate with local communities to respect their traditions and values, and design and execute fundraising events and campaigns with accessibility, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity. The Fundraising Committee, OSMF Board and community will have substantial roles in overseeing fundraising efforts through open dialogue and integration of feedback into all channels. This engagement will be supported by skill and knowledge sharing between fundraisers, committee members and interested community members.

Fundraising will be executed and managed effectively. We work with fundraisers that have an understanding of the OpenStreetMap community, share OSM’s values, and hold a willingness to learn and engage. Fundraisers will comply with our ethical guidelines, and OSMF will establish clear and open contracts and communication with them. On an annual basis, these guidelines will be reviewed and updated with input from community, donors, OSMF, fundraisers and membership.

Our guidelines are anchored in clear policies. We adhere to data privacy and storage laws and regulations under the GDPR. The Conflict of Interest Policy applies to the Fundraising Committee and fundraisers. Any complaints and concerns on fundraising by the community or donors can be directly addressed to the OSMF Board.