Finance Committee/Minutes/2022-05-06

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Minutes from 2022/05/06



We discussed potential budget. This is all very cursory based on discussion. Roland will working on turning the budget into the story could be more detailed, and a readable narrative.

  • We should set a range from maintaining basis to expansion.
  • Servers 100K EUR / year -> 150K USD / year (safely for inflation). More for reserve and growth. Includes insurance, power, hosting.
    • 150K -> 200K
  • Staff, 3-5 FTE
    • 300K -> 500K
  • SotM
    • self sustaining
  • Microgrants
    • 0K -> 50K
  • EWG
  • Annual budget in range of 450K -> 750K
  • Current reserve: 600K in bank, 150K annual in memberships.
  • This gives us about 2 years runway.
  • EU may have some upper limit on reserves


  • Different approach for each group of stakeholders.
  • Keep in mind Gunner’s offer of seminar. Approach Gunner for the details.
  • Need to paint a big picture vision, but grounded in us as an enabling platform. A global “digital public good”, a core part of the internet, just as important as Wikipedia.
  • HOT focuses on human impact. HOT is scanning for funding opportunities, could identify and share. HOT can help in identification of opportunities, maybe help with writing.
  • And part of the process is to connect direct to see if it’s ever a fit.
  • DIAL – had a fund available for digital public goods.
  • Mozilla still has funding available.