Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee/Minutes/2020-04-09

From OpenStreetMap Foundation


  • Heather Leson
  • Rory McCann
  • Maggie Cawley
  • Céline Jacquin
  • David Garcia
  • Mikel Maron


  • Jinal Foflia
  • Selene Yang
  • Ilya Zverev
  • Nathalie Sidibe
  • Dorothea Kazazi


Diversity Statement

We have been working on revision of the Diversity Statement based on community feedback. A new version is posted at https://gitlab.com/rory_mccann/osmf-disc/-/blob/main/Diversity+Statement.md, with changelog at https://gitlab.com/rory_mccann/osmf-disc/-/compare/de6195f19a31f87ab7c7746e1653c0e0e28fd88d...210cf4ecdfde56b5e8d27a72d327fbe4203a10f4

ACTION: Next step is for DISC to decide to send the revision to the Board. Rory to coordinate a “vote”


Maggie began a new wiki page to change from the current organization of resources by year, to type of resource (formal, informal, conversation, survey - interview data). Encouraged to just edit – it’s a wiki!

https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Diversity#See_also:_Diversity_Research.2C_OSM_Research_and_Education.21 https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Diversity/Research Discussion again about our goals with research. Research can be very resource intensive, and most research draws similar conclusions so far, even if not comprehensive. Analytical research just for the sake of it is not helpful. Like open source is a value for how we build and use software in OSM, diversity is a value for how we build community in OSM. Our goal is to get specific intel in order to develop a plan of action: “Action research”.

From here it would be good to get existing research into shape, write up common patterns from that research, and determine what new questions we want to know and are feasible to ask (such as demographics of OSMF membership).

ACTION: Maggie: revision of research wiki pages


We then moved to discussing “action research”, and delved into the idea of a community consultation. What are the current issues of diversity, how are they defined, what are root causes – lots of people have thought about it.

Heather shared IFRC initiative of community consultations. Goal is to co- to co-create a community process, build buy-in in the journey. Especially be sensitive to timezones and language. It’s multi-timezone, highly curated, and actively analyzed. An “ambassador” is set for each call, who co-facilitate. There’s a set structure of discussion points for each call, and data collected.

Group wants to consider this idea for DISC.

ACTION: Heather sketch a roadmap for community consultations on diversity.

Governance Structure

DISC needs a governance structure. Rory is going to sketch a light rules of order. Mikel remains Chair; there’s interest from others to take this on, but no bandwidth. We also need a mailing list for the group.

ACTION: Rory to sketch rules of order and share with group. And set up disc@osmfoundation.org