Data Working Group/DWG 2015-12-18 Resolution Banning PeterDRS

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OSMF Data Working Group Memorandum

Resolution regarding an indefinite blocking of PeterDRS (user names Kakaner et al)

December 18, 2015


The OSMF Data Working Group has decided to continue blocking all OSM accounts and, where applicable and within reach for OSMF, mailing list and forum access belonging to PeterDRS (from Dresden, Germany). The currently affected user names are "PeterDRS", "Kakaner", "Darvoon", "Freshmde", "Ruhrseekatze", "Faith-Pritzwalk", and "OfficialRequest" and the list may include other usernames as they are discovered or are created.

These accounts were originally blocked until the end of 2015 due to intimidation of other users and DWG members (

In the mean time, PeterDRS has not only continued his offensive behaviour, but has also written and circulated an email where offered money for the murder of a fellow mapper, resulting in a police inquiry.

This unprecedented level of hostility has absolutely no place in OSM, and DWG will assist the German authorities in compiling facts about the case if requested. PeterDRS will remain banned from OSM with no right of appeal or reconsideration until any police investigations, court proceedings, or other legal matters about this or related matters involving him have been completed.

This resolution has the support of the OSMF board of directors.

The user's name has been replaced with their alias because the user in question has permanently left the project.