CWG meeting 2023-02-06

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

CWG Feb meeting notes


  • Craig
  • Pete
  • Marjan
  • Courtney
  • Tobias
  • Mikel
  • Ariel
  • Harry


Review the OSMF board draft communication plan - how can we support? how do our mission/goals fit into their ideas?

  • Mikel shared a few emails & docs on OSMF and strategic comms needs
  • Looking to be more oraginisedf in comms from the foundation and from OSM in general

OSMF Board Communication Plan from Mikel:

OSMF Board Communication from Craig:

What are the needs from the board?

Courtney – Board needs an MVP: (channel list, content plan, mechanism for implementing, documentation of the plan/process)

Courtney - there are mechanisms that can be revived from the past - summaries from WGs, eg.simple deadlines for the blog that help us support

Priorities for action:

  • Channels list
    • re: channels: Marjan and Courtney have some analysis and could do a simple proposal for most effective channels? (possibly a dashboard, longer term) Marjan can own. Craig can contribute re: Africa channels
    • Forum governance team can suppy stats / analytics
  • Content calendar
  • Content development support (review / editing / publishing)
    • quarterly Chair update
    • quarterly (?) operations update
    • other quarterly report? ()
    • (if there are 3 quarterly reports, that means 1 post/month is taken care of

Discuss the proposals for /copyright and Gustavo Soares proposals - what are next steps?

  • Draft has been shared with legal wg (nothing back, yet)
  • Gustavo very motivated to make design changes - Can we help him with breaking this into achievable pieces?
  • Start with content update for the copyright page…
  • Get Gustavo familiar with how to contribute / pair him with someone who can make a pull request
  • [Ariel] Most useful bit is how to attribute for different forms of using OSM
  • This is the second most visited page on the website (people clicking through from map attributions)


  • Finalise the text
  • Feedback to Gustavo on design (Courtney to intro Mikel)
  • Find someone to help him with the implementation (this could be Harry) - how can we promote?

  • Use the upcoming migration of help and support as a hook to promote the forums. Exact date tbd.
  • Grant doing 95% of the work on this…


  • Pete and Courtney to lead on write up

Communities may launch soon?

  • bringing meetup functionality into - some means to be able to organise local communities and sign up for notifications on events
  • cwg would neet to reach out and find out what the status (and purpose) is…


  • Ariel to reach out to Brian and do factfinding

content for the blog

  • Women’s Day - Marjam (beginning of March)
  • Local chapters promo post - hook with Arnalie as this is one of her board priorities

Gustavo’s proposed design for

Not covered in detail - will come back to this

Dorothea’s update

  • On-boarded a new volunteer translator for
  • Contacted the Google Summer of Code team for publishing a post about their call for projects. They did not get back and their self-imposed deadline has passed. We might have a chance to publish another GSoC post later on.
  • Created an OSM sticker design for Swahili.
  • Ordered and sent ~900 stickers (7 designs) in English, French and Swahili to State of the Map Tanzania 2023.