CWG meeting 2022-03-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

March CWG Meeting

2022-03-07 14:00 UTC


  • Amanda
  • Pete
  • Harry
  • Courtney

Agenda / Notes

Take stock social media [Pete]

Pete started to post to OSM twitter (SotM retweets for now)

Guidelines for Guest posts [Pete]

  • Pete hasn’t done any work on this since last time, nothing to report.


  • Courtney happy to take this forward and try and develop a draft to critique or react to…
  • Pete and Courtney to catch up on this for context

Blog analytics [Harry]

Who / how many people actually read the blogs?

  • Harry (not preset) has access to Piwiki.
  • Some small mention on CWG mailing list about piwik, but no-one has heard much more
  • Mikel isn’t sure piwiki gives everything he wants.


  • wait for Mikel to articulate the requirements
  • Harry to check with Tom

Made with OpenStreetMap

Tobias has sense checked with the LWG - over to Pete to think about the ‘campaign’


  • Make it clear that this is for fun and not choosing an official graphic for OSM attribution
  • People will have very strong opinions
  • Could use the wiki to provide a place for uploads and signposting of ‘entries’


  • Pete to share materials with cwg in advance to sidestep pitfalls and traps by next month

Stickers / merch


  • Amanda has started using the new account(s) for paying for things (Paypal, DHL & Deutsche Post) and the OTRS email ticket handling system for [[1]]
  • Things are easier and that is good!


Microsoft OS Award

  • Pete is drafting this - seeing if we can get quotes from MS and OSMF

International Women’s Day in 8th March - Belgian & GeoChicha’s “strees named after women”?

  • Marjan is ‘in process’ witha post about GeoChicas (could be IWD/M or stand alone)
  • CW will write up some highlight from SOTMUS and get CWG’s inputs on how to shape as a post.

Content pipeline

Coming up:

Discourse instance - community sensitization support?

  • Tobias to update - Pete to ping and check in on this

Mastodon instance announcement?

  • Amanda is waiting until the Twitter Mastodon crossposter is set up, which should be soon.

WeeklyOSM as a source of content?


  • pick out a few stories to go deeper on from an OSMF perspective?
  • CWG members to keep an eye out for relevant content for the blog / social media

New ticketing system OTRS

  • Amanda to update


  • Pete and Tobias to check on “invite to” from Tom Hughes

OSM logo is a bit square for a lot of social media

DISCUSSION: Can we get a better vwersion of the logo that fits the round format? Need to be licensed right…


  • Courtney has graphics contacts that could have a go at this.