CWG meeting 2022-02-07

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

2022-02-07 14:00 UTC


  • Amanda
  • Pete
  • Tobias
  • Mikel (had to leave after 30 mins)
  • Marjan

Agenda / Notes

Different system for managing stickers requests? [Amanda]

Proposal to found a “Promotional Material Programme Team” with a separate list for sticker/etc requests - vote carried out at

  • Amanda gave updates on success in streamlining the OSM promotional material request
  • Pete remarked lots of request lately

Simplify [Andrew]

Actions: None - Andrew not present so leave this in the gitlab issues

Take stock social media [Pete]


  • Need someone to take this over in Ben’s absence (Pete happy to take this over if others agree - will get up to speed before March meeting for twitter and facebook at a minimum)
  • Still need to work out how to manage Insta access


  • Contact LinkedIn support directly to try and reset credentials (on Pete's back log)
  • Amanda will talk to Grant who has twitter access about the Twitter Mastodon Cross poster.
  • Pete is going start making more tweets with access to GroupTweets
  • Pete will ask Ben for Facebook access
  • Pete doesn’t have access to OSM LinkedIn
  • Amanda has access to Pinterest & Instagram

Clean Up Access to Blog [Mikel]

  • Mikel is removing old access to the blog, but hasn’t finished yet, work is in progress.

Guidelines for Guest posts [Pete]

  • Pete hasn’t done any work on this since last time, nothing to report.

Blog analytics [Harry]

Who / how many people actually read the blogs?

  • Harry (not present) has access to Piwiki.
  • Some small mention on CWG mailing list about piwik, but no-one has heard much more
  • Mikel isn’t sure piwiki gives everything he wants.

Finalize CWG joining process [Pete / Mikel]

  • Pete added description of decision making on the gitlab wiki


  • Mikel to look at documentation for new member onboarding (fyi Pete started this page at
  • Mikel is ensuring that the list of things new people need, are documented.
  • Marjan (new member) will try to report what is done/needed to ensure what is needed is written down, maybe using the wiki

Made with OpenStreetMap

  • Tobias reports that it’s commonly asked about, and that foundation backing could be helpful in spreading such an initiative. Thinks we could ask LWG first to check on potential issues.
  • Mikel links to an old discussion
  • Amanda shares existing image suggestion from Heikki
  • Amanda suggests waiting to see what people come up with.
  • Mikel says it would be bikeshedded
  • Amanda & Pete say you should ask LWG for feedback
  • Tobias & Pete suggest that CWG could promote people's efforts at attribution logos (support community creativity and get people interested)
  • Amanda suggesting checking with LWG to ensure there is no massive problem


  • Tobias says he will contact LWG to ensure there are no big problems.
  • Pete will blog about this idea

New ticketing system OTRS

  • Amanda reports on TomH setting up OTRS for stickers & unprompted for communications
  • … will ask TomH to set up OTRS accounts for Pete & Tobias, and they will report next month on what the software is like

Press email not working?

  • Tobias reports that Mikel added this item, and (& Pete) was not aware of any issues
  • Revert to Mikel for more details


Welcome new OSMF Board Members and first board meeting of 2022 [Andrew]

  • Andrew’s welcome for new OSMF board members almost ready to go.

Fastly [Mikel]

  • Mikel (left meeting by now) had been working on this.

Local Chapter posts [Dorothea]

  • No update

Local Chapter Congress [Pete]

Attended but dropped the ball on this one. Will stay in touch with Maggie for future LCCWG overlaps.

  • Pete was at LC congress but didn't find the time to blog about it

Microsoft OS Award

  • Pete asks where the information would come from, asks if it’d be the board, or Microsoft


  • Marjan will research and reach out to group if she needs help

International Women’s Day in 8th March - Belgian & GeoChicha’s “streets named after women”?


  • Marjan is interested in that, and volunteers to work on that, and talk to GeoChichas people

Content pipeline

Coming up:

Discourse instance - community sensitisation support?

  • Tobias reports the post was waiting on new discourse release, which had only recently happened
  • … thinks discourse launch will be quiet
  • Tobias will keep an eye on this and flag when it's likely to happen to CWG

Mastodon instance announcement?

  • Amanda is waiting until the Twitter Mastodon crossposter is set up, which should be soon.

New member outreach

  • Pete thinks CWG new membership should be organic, waiting for new people to apply