CWG meeting 2021-11-01

From OpenStreetMap Foundation

Notes from the Communication Working Group November 2021 meeting


  • Amanda
  • Pete
  • Mikel (chair)
  • Ben (few minutes late)

Took place from 14:00Z to 14:30Z on 2021-11-01, on the OSMF BBB serve “The Boardroom”


  • Mikel is reviewing minutes of last minutes
  • Mikel reported on several LCCWG-related blog posts which have been published lately
  • Pete agrees to “cover” the Local Chapter Congress.
  • Pete hasn't done any Instagram or LinkedIn access, has only done blog work.
  • No-one has anything to report on analytics software for the osm blog
  • Mikel is removing write access from inactive users on the osm blog
  • Amanda asked if there shoudl be blog post about the OSMF AGM, suggesting a post for voting opening, and results. Amanda will check with Dorothea for what happened in previous years.
  • Amanda reported on the Promotional Material Programme, which hasn't changed and is still doing the same.
  • Amanda asked about the Twitter Mastodon Cross poster. Amanda will talk to Grant who has twitter access.
  • Apologise for accidentally publishing a tweet about the AGM after the deadline.
  • Ben might have some capacity to do more social media posting
  • Mikel asked about the TV producer in USA who keeps trying to contact OSMF, and yet never seems to recieve or read the email replies from OSM(F)ers
  • Mikel asked Ben how you get the OSM news out to people who are outside OSM
  • Ben says coverage in mainstream media gets more attention, but “it has to happen *to* us, it's harder for us to do it”
  • Amanda asks if ghost writing articles would help, Ben says no, and recommends talking about how OSM is better than the mainstream propritary maps like Google Maps. Presenting it as a different model for creating large useful dataset
  • Amanda mentioned the previous “Crossing dublin without passing a pub” and how that got media attention.
  • Pete mentione the Belgian & GeoChicha's “strees named after women” and could that be useful for general news media & wider world.
  • Ben asks if there's any blog posts need editing feedback and whether there's any parts of OSMF want things posted (Pete mentioned the LCCWG one & the tactic map from Mateusz Konieczny)