CWG meeting 2021-10-04

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October CWG Meeting

2021-10-04 14:00 UTC


  • pete
  • amanda
  • harry
  • ben
  • mikel

Agenda / Notes

LCCWG support

Maggie in attendance from LCCWG


  • Recruiting moderators for the OSMF lists - message drafted for the mailing lists but could be mirrored on the OSMF blog and then promo’d on social media
  • Sub-committee will dissolve once recruitment for mods is done
  • LCCWG has its own OSM diary as a group space for publishing - could be promoted via OSMF social media or replicated on blog (if appropriate). Could be good place to take ideas from for future blog posts.
  • Local chapters congress coming up that could also benefit from CWG support
  • LCCWG meeting notes could include section on upcoming initiatives that could be supported by the CWG
  • Idea: Someone from CWG to ‘cover’ local chapters congress.


  • Maggie to share messaging on moderator recruitment and to organise shared space for LCCWG to document comms needs and support requests


Take stock social media / Clean Up Access to Blog


  • Pete and Ben discussed topic offload given Ben’s new kid - ongoing conversation
  • Ben to move his energy to focus on supporting specific social media promotion (project, initiatives, etc)
  • Wille shared password for Instagram, but doesn’t look like you can share permissions #


  • Pete to contact LinkedIn support directly to try and reset credentials (Ben heard from Darafei Praliaskouski, Steve Coast, and Henk Hoff about access, none have it.)
  • Work out how to manage Insta access

Guidelines for Guest posts

Needs continued conversation


  • Pete to share the MSF Scientific Days example on the same wiki page

Blog presentation Cleanup

  • Improvements made already.
  • Categories not well supported by our theme, but not a priority at the moment


Blog re-skinning

  • Do we want to implement a new theme for the OSMF blog?
  • Could pay for the service?
  • Further discussion needed

Blog analytics

Who / how many people actually read the blogs?


  • Harry to check in with Tom from OWG on what additional analytics are available and how to access

Finalize CWG joining proces


  • Mikel to look at documentation for new member onboarding
  • Harry to review and and make any necessary changes to


Fastly -

ACTION: Mikel to follow up

Local Chapter posts

ACTION: Check in with Dorothea on coverage for this…??

Content pipeline

Coming up:

Etiquette and moderation (LCCWG) milestone

Local chapter congress promotion (LCCWG)

Discourse instance - community sensitisation support? - Tobias to check when would be good for CWG to support

Mastadon instance announcement? - Amanda to finalise

New member outreach


See names above.

Promotional material

  • Amanda gave an update on current Promotional Material Programme, incl. new design submited by an OSMer
  • Amanda shared the idea of making new OSM leaflets advertising the OSMF’s Active Contributor Programme