CWG meeting 2021-09-06

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  • Pete
  • Tobias
  • Mikel

Agenda / Notes


Take stock social media / Clean Up Access to Blog

ACTION: Pete to check in with Ben to see if there’s aspects of this work he needs to offload given his new circumstances

Guidelines for Guest posts

Needs continued conversation as this getting into the territory of an editorial policy. Pete chatted with a friend who has written editorial policies for medical journals and scientific conferences and she said they need to be underpinned by agreed upon principles / values. This comes first and then the editorial policy is built on top.

ACTION: Pete to document learnings from conversation on the gitlab wiki.

Blog presentation Cleanup

ACTIONS: Harry was to screenshot some different design update options and share back with the group but no update yet

Finalize CWG joining proces

All of the new joining process copy is now up on the OSMF wiki and a new member has now used the info to join. Process was pretty smooth. There are a couple of missing pieces loeft to address (see actions)


  • Pete to add description of decision making process (once someone has signalled their interest to join) on the gitlab wiki
  • Mikel will look at documentation for new member onboarding (beyond access to accounts)


Fastly -

ACTION: Mikel to follow up

Local Chapter posts

ACTION: Check in with Dorothea on coverage for this…??

Content pipeline

Coming up (or potentially coming up):

  • EWG intro and outreach blog post (coming as fairly finished draft) - Tobias as point of contact
  • OSMF AGM and elections - right for blog? (in December) - to discuss in the future
  • Etiquette and moderation (LCCWG) milestone (+ any other upcoming LCCWG opportunities) - Pete to reach out
  • Discours instance - community sensitisation support? - Tobias to check when would be good for CWG to support
  • Mastadon instance announcement? - Pete to flag with Amanda to see if she is interested to draft
  • New member outreach? (see discussion below)


See names above.


OSM Birthday 24 hour event :(

New Topics

member engagement

new member recruitment


Is it best to make sure there is plenty to do and easy to onboard and engage before doing a lot of outreach?

quiet member checkin

Is it best to first do quiet member check in?

and blog access clean up

making it easier for members to engage

Regular meetings plus better use of async tools

Discussion of whether there are ways to bridge IRC to a wider variety of platforms so that non-IRC natives have options for engaging asynchronously. Slack integration possible through a third party, but nothing else came to mind.


  • Mikel to organise a regular cadence for the meetings

agreement on discussion and decision making processes on list